Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rainbowriffic beads and designs

Hello friends!

Holy crap! Can you believe I made it here today too! You know I must be SUPER excited about my beads if I have edited, listed, posted on fb and am still doing my blog! I am in the process of brewing my "feel flawless" Allegro tea from whole foods. It is 97% caffeine free tea with green tea in it, but I still get that tingle of caffeine from that 3% :D

Would you believe these were the FIRST beads I made when I got bit by the crazy inspiration bug? So why the hell has it taken me so long to list them? Well, that is a fantastic question. Since I had also made Valentine's beads and needed to do an Art Beads blog I had to get those things up first. So without further delay.....

Rainbowriffic this week kids! So where did all of it start? Well it was my rainbow socks! Yes, do you believe it? Socks... lolAren't they amazing?! They feel even better since they are super fuzzy and they are fantastic to look at because they are so BRIGHT!Here is a set from the beads in my hand in the above picture. "Rainbow Sock Smarties".
Next I just HAD to make one of my NEW "Paint Palette Mod" bracelets called "I LOVE color!" The very first bracelet I had made was for my sister for her wedding shower. Her bracelet was done in this style, but with more fall earth tones and textures silver lentils. So if you love rainbows, color, Hilltribe silver and modern designs this is totally YOUR bracelet!

Now while I was on a rainbow theme I had looked at my very FIRST Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon Heart- "Rainbow Brite" and thought about how much I love it. It is such a fantastic heart all on it's own, but what if I made it some lovely friends with which to play? Surely it would like a compliment companion!"Rainbow Brite Hearts" were born! They are just SO beautiful I had to keep holding them in my hands and looking at them. Their reverse rainbow freckles and rainbow order raked chubby hearts made the just IRRESISTIBLE on a base of reflective clear. Every way you turn these beads they are just fantastic!

Well one can't just stop there so on to some more beads in these colors to match.
Careful color choice was made for "Rainbow Brite Smarties- Bold". In order for them to match Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon Heart "Rainbow Brite" I would have to take into account that the ruffles actually dull the color being as they are encased in clear. So if I had taken the regular colors that are encased in the filligrana rod and used them for the beads they would actually appear darker! This is a very good bit of advice for you if you are designing in glass!What would a set be without some spacers to match? They are teeny, pretty and perfect to add into designs! "Rainbow Brite Spacers".

Just by chance Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon Heart "Tart Tango" also matched with the sets and I thought it would be nice to add another super colorful and reflective heart to today's listings :)

Last, but certainly not least....
I was inspired by this fantastic cup I picked up at Target for $1.50! I just love all of the little playful rainbowy hearts that clumsily play on the surface. After looking at my beloved cup, I just had to take this design and translate it into glass.Introducing "Subtle Hearts". This design is really unique as it is the FIRST set of beads done in this style! I took an opaque colored base and encased it in generous amounts of clear. Next, after the beads came out of the kiln, I painted on the surface with nail polish to make a resist. After that the beads were put into etching acid to make the surface matte. When the beads came out of the etching acid the nail polish was removed to reveal shiny heart "windows" revealing the color surface beneath! What a fantastic effect. You really need to click on the picture to get the full size image to see the details. The effect is very subtle, but somehow magical and surprising all at once. It's like finding a little treasure hidden from the unobservant eye :)Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my rainbowy inspired ramblings and picture journey with me!

See you soon!

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Silver Parrot said...

Such fun, bright, cheery beads! A great antidote for dreary, gray, rainy winter skies!

Genea said...

Most definitely! :D

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