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Art Beads feature Hilltribe Silver and Glass beads blog by Genea Beads

Hello friends!

I am excited to do this blog on behalf of! Ah let's see... Where do we begin? Well the featured items for December '09 were beautifully handcrafted hilltribe silver

and glass beads. As you may know those are 2 of my VERY favorite items with which to work so I was ecstatic about their featured items! So let's take a look at the beads, shall we?

I just LOVE the amazing hand made designs found in Hilltribe silver beads. The most amazing thing about them is their purity of silver and the details in every design. Here are a few of the Hilltribe beads I chose. So this might be a good place to remind shoppers to make sure to look at the size of their items before choosing the appropriate ones for their designing. Images on the web are generally enlarged to show the detail. Forgetting to check the sizes of beads before ordering these guys are pretty tiny. I had planned to use them in some bracelet designs, but thought they would be more appropriate for some earring designs. Unfortunately, I have not yet gotten to make a design out of these particular beads, but I was still pretty stoked about them and wanted to share!

On the top left are the granulated bead spacers, evil eye stamped bead caps in the middle, and on the far right are the silver flower discs.

Here is an older design of mine where I had used some amazing Hilltribe stamped noodles. My original idea was to make a similar bracelet, but incorporate some of my handmade beads. I ended up ordering some noodles, but forgot to check the size and got these amazing little crescent roll looking curved noodles. Since they were too small for my bracelet design my brain began thinking up designs on a smaller scale. I dug in my bead box of other Hilltribe beads to see what I could create. Here is the finished product! I couldn't be more excited about ordering a smaller sized curved noodle! This curved rolled bead gave me the idea to make it functional in a new and interesting way by using it as the "bar" of a little trapeze looking earring. A soldered ring can float across it! I am all about texture and visual appeal so these became my new favorite pair of silver earrings!
Here are some more shots of the design so you can oogle them from every angle ;)

Next are the AMAZING glass beads I received. Art beads had one of my very FAVORITE bead shapes that I love to use in my "Tendril" style earrings, the spade drops!Here you can see them: aqua/lime mix small spade, pink/crystal mix small spade, jet small spade, amethyst/white core small spade, and orange small spade.
Here are some of my "Tendril" style earrings I made using some of the spade drops above. I had intended to use all of the spade drops for earrings, but was inspired by some beads I had made and used them as dangles on my NEW "Triple Stack Flower Sprocket pendants"!As you may have noticed there are a few more spade drops in the pendant picture that aren't in the picture above. These were some spade drops I already had in my bead stash. Luckily art beads also has them for your shopping pleasure! Wasabi small spade, and blue silk small spade.

I have also always been a huge fan of daggers! I just love their shape and the come in a variety of amazing colors and prints. I chose the 15x6 glowing green/yellow daggers, and the 15x6 fuchsia/pink daggers to use in designs.
The other little pillow cube beads you see in this picture are the flat barrel wasabi silk beads. I LOVE getting beads in the wasabi color since I LOVE lime green and vivid green beads. I didn't get a chance to use these in a design yet, but I can't wait to use them with some beads made out of my Keylime green glass. You can see the glass color in the Triple Stack Flower Sprocket pendants above. These glass beads match the rods perfectly!Here is a spring board design from my original "Heart Burst" styled rings. This ring features a Czech glass skirt with spade drops and the fuchsia/pink daggers! I just love the different layers and textures you get by mixing all of these beads!Here is another style using the glowing green/yellow daggers. They look lighter and almost more iridescent on my very pale complected skin! lol Pretty sweet huh?!

Well I hope you enjoyed my creations using some of Art Beads wonderful stock! Now go ahead and load up your cart and start designing!

Many thanks to Art Beads for giving me the pleasure of playing in their bead box!

Much love,


**DISCLAIMER** To comply with new blogging regulations the following disclaimer has been added. Genea Beads has received these products free of charge from The views expressed in this blog are my very honest opinion on the items about which I have chosen to blog. Genea Beads has not been paid for an endorsement as it pertains to the products received.


Richard said...

Interesting fact silver made in Thailand is only made in villages outside of the main cities by Hilltribe families. Most patterns have been in there family for many years and can only be made by large order. There are no stores or one central place to purchase Hilltribe silver in variety other than from the large wholesale shops in the city. Mondays and Fridays are the days families will bring their goods to the main shops for sale and to pick up new orders. A trip to a silver village is a real eye opener to see how families work together to make beautiful silver pieces of art. All Handmade.

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