Friday, January 15, 2010

Birth of a new design and the inspiration along the way

Hello friends!

Wow it seems like forever when I only update once a week huh? I was SICK again shortly after returning from Ohio and that put me out for several days. I am happy to say that I am mostly recovered. I am feeling MUCH better and I have been ROCKIN' OUT on beads baby! Woo hoo!

I totally owe you all a picture update of my vacation! I got them all uploaded to facebook, but never officially got a link listed on here for your to enjoy. It would take me WAY too long to upload them here as well. Here is the link to my pictures. Christmas in Ohio '09. As you may have noticed there is now a FB box on the right letting you know about my updates. Since I won't be updating here, but once a week you can check out my FB Genea Beads page. I am known to frequent there with little blips and pictures.

Incase you missed checking out my shop and the NEW pendants, how about an official blog update?


I am SUPER excited to introduce my NEW Triple Stack Flower Sprocket pendants! So let me tell you a little bit about their origin before releasing the photos. One Bead Blast show about 2 years ago I was lucky enough to purchase some AMAZING spade drops from one of my VERY FAVORITE glass stores, Glass Garden Beads. They have one of the most AMAZING selections of Czech glass I have ever seen. They also have some amazing Vintage glass which I love since they made such interesting shapes with INCREDIBLE colors!

So my love for the spade drop started there. Now how to use this amazing new shape in a design. Probably this time last year I was struck with a burst of inspiration for new earrings. My "Tendril" style earring was born using the fascinating spade drops. Dangly, fun, very texturally interesting as well as visual appeal.The "Disco Dottie" Tendril earrings on the left sold at a show, but I had a special request to make a matching pendant. Luckily I had a bead that was a perfect match to make into a fun tendril style pendant in JUST the same colors(I had made a run of beads in this color palette at that time).
I absolutely LOVED how the pendant turned out!

Now fast forward a bit to where I was contacted by Art Beads to do another blog. So their feature for December was 2 of my ABSOLUTE favorite beads, Hill Tribe silver and Czech glass! How exciting!! So, I perused their site to pick out the items that I would use for my blog and they had a fantastic selection of spade drops(my favorite, you know!) so I added many different colors to my cart.

I had intended to make some more Tendril earrings, but I had made some really sweet discs like the beads I had used in my "Wishing Wheel" pendants except with a twist. These new discs were made with the super fun and exciting filligranas with flat petals instead of pointy bumpy dots. I made a few flat flowers and had intended to stacking one flower on one disc until the beads on my pipe cleaner were stacked in such a fashion that it intrigued me! Ah ha! So I went back to the torch to make some medium size discs which I would call my "Flower Sprockets". So, beads all made and Art Beads order in I sat down to construct my new pendants!

The new design pretty much had looked like my "Wishing Wheel" pendants and "Tendril" earrings had a baby! lol.Here is a picture of my "Wishing Wheel" pendant and the beads that would be my future "Candy Sprocket" Necklace.Here is the Candy Sprocket necklace incase you didn't get a chance to read about it earlier. Melissa and I put this INCREDIBLE necklace together! Melissa did the pendant and I made all of the beads and assembled the necklace.Here is the very FIRST "Triple Stack Flower Sprocket" pendant called "Fire Star"!

Now that you can hardly stand it, how about a look at what pendants are in the shop?!

"Fire Star"- Oranges, Vibrant yellow green, and red with hints of orchid.

"Sunset Wine"- Scarlet red, orange, coral, lavender, blue-violet, and amethyst.
"Jubilee"- Bubble gum pink, dark periwinkle, lime green, turquoise, orange and yellow. **Dark Periwinkle is not as buzzy blue as the picture looks.**
"Storm"- Deep cobalt blue, grass green, inky blue, teal, lavender, periwinkle, and turquoise.
"Calypso"- New Messy Great Bluedini(Teal), lime green, grass green, turquoise, and amethyst.
"Carnival"- Messy Lapis blue-violet, red, orange, electric yellow green, turquoise and orchid.

A whole lotta awesome huh?! It was so much fun creating these amazing new pendants. Oh! I almost forgot. Perhaps you want to see how it looks on huh?The pendants have a nice large bail loop so they will fit lots of interesting cording. You can double up silk cords or string a multi-stranded necklace to accent the pendant or simply wear it alone on a chain or colored leather cord.


OMG have I been inspired! I am SOOOOOOO HAPPY about that. I think the release of seasonal holiday stress has been lifted from my brain and the lull of the new year has given me some time to create.

Did you see that I was even inspired by my socks?!
The beads are just as fantastic as the socks only not as fuzzy :D Who knew $3 socks from Gordman's would bring me so much pleasure and inspiration? These socks inspired a whole run of beads that I can't wait to photograph and share with you.

Love has also been in the air and in my studio. I love, love, and hearts and all of that sappy Valentine's day crap! So my little brain had so many ideas for NEW lovey designs! New beads and new pendants alike! I also can't WAIT to show you all of those wonderful things!

Also keep an eye out for my complete Art Beads blog on their amazing stock of beads. I will be trying to get some photographs of that today. It has been so gray that I am just not getting adequate light for my photos!

Talk with you soon!

Much love,



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