Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine's Day II

Hello friends!

Are you ready for the rest of that Valentine's Day update? Good. I am ready to type the rest out.

I LOVE Valentine's day stuff. I am all about hearts and all that good lovey dovey stuff! For some reason my mind was just FLOODED with ideas which is pretty exciting. I even made beads for a design that came to me while I was making beads. This usually doesn't happen so it's always totally exciting when it does!

Where to start... Ok, well I will start with one of my favorite deserts! CUPCAKES! What would Valentine's day be without some "Lovie Cakes"?!Mmmm delicious Vanilla is always a favorite. Vanilla lovey cake- is frosted with vanilla icing, red hearts and pink sprinkles. For the lovey cake design I tried a new spin on the icing. The icing on these is flat on the top so that hearts can be applied and the bottom is ruffled.
You know where there is Vanilla there MUST be CHOCOLATE! What would the holiday be without a "Chocolate Lovey Cake".You know, you can't forget strawberry either! For one, it's PINK, and most girls love PINK. Two, don't even tell me when you have your face pressed up against the glass in a bakery breathing heavily and making a foggy cloud that you aren't going to pick the delicious looking PINK cupcake! Three, dude, it's strawberry! Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry! "Strawberry Lovey Cake".

Just for comparison, here is a picture of my "normal" style cupcakes for comparison.
"Love Ewe"- say "I love you" with a little sheepy fun!

What do you think of when a couple is "in love". They are normally called "love birds" right? Well you also hear of people being all "lovey dovey", which is exactly what I decided to make. Introducing my NEW "Lovey Dovey's"! "Lovey Dovey" - white is a sweet little white dove with white heart wings.

Insert spring board design ideas! This is where one simple idea turned into MANY!Dun, dun dun!Here is "Lovey Dovey" pink and white. She is SO cute she got 2 pictures! She has rosy pink cheeks and pink heart wings. The way her eyes turned out she even looks like she has little eyelashes and is giving you that sweet innocent look. She is my FAVORITE out of all of my new little dovies!
Then while we are designing. Why not take the Valentine's Day colors of red and pink and make them into a design as well? "Lovey Dovey" pink and red.So when you are thinking of birds and love then maybe you are thinking of where love birds go to snuggle up together?A "Love Nest" of course! This darling little nest is made of brown twigs with a pink, white and red heart inside.
Now put the "lovey dovey" and "love nest" together and you have the "Lovey dovey with love nest" pendant! A sweet pink and red heart wing dove hovers over a love nest with a pink and white heart. This design really is much better if you can see how it will actually look on, hence the above picture ;)Now when I was designing the "Lovey Dovey" I was thinking about the dove and what it symbolizes. Peace right? Well why not a "lovey dovey" and peace to really do up that love and peace hippy theme?! "Love and Peace Dove" does just that! "Lovey Dovey" dove has pink heart wings and carrys a white base with a golden yellow peace sign. What a perfect way to put love and peace into a wearable design! :)And, now for the finale(which you may have seen already if you checked in with me yesterday!
"Vintage Valentine". Thanks to Melissa for naming this exquisite mobile style pendant! She had told me that the pendant resembled some of the vintage valentine's she had seen.This was another one of those ideas that came about from the "lovey dovey" bead. I really wanted to make a design where the heart would sit just above two little love birds. I wasn't really sure how I was going to work it into a piece of jewelry. As I dug through my bead boxes the design just kept coming together. As you can see this is another one of those designs you really have to see on someone. It is perfectly balanced and weighted with beads so that everything suspends from a mobile like swing :) Probably one of the most ARTISTIC pendants I have EVER made to date! ;)WHAT ELSE IS NEW?
So while I was on the "love" theme I got this idea when I was sitting on my couch. I quickly scribbled down the idea and began thinking about what supplies I needed. My idea was to make a cheeky fabric heart with a pocket on the back. This heart would be a design that could hang from a window(where mine are currently) or from a door knob. A sweet love message can be put in the pocket(which it was when gifted!) and one of my lampwork beads was sewn in the center or slid on the hanging ribbon!

As you may know I just realized that over Christmas time I could infact SEW! Now, I would not say it was my strongest artform, but the more I did the better they got! Do you know how hard it is to sew things that are ROUND?! lol Ok so I bet you are tired of reading and want to see what I made right?!Here is the first heart. I made a small pattern from cardstock to trace into many designs. I made the one's I had intended to keep for myself first as there are ALWAYS learning curves for newly born ideas. This heart has one of my eye beads sewn in the middle and one on the hanging ribbon. It doesn't have a pocket on the back because I wanted to try the design plain first.
Here is heart #2. It is actually longer across than it looks in the picture. It was more narrow looking that I had wanted so I made yet, another heart shape for my cut out design. This time I didn't make it so long. I made the cheeks stumpier so it was more full.Here is the back side. The pocket almost blends into the liney design!
Here is the next one. Ah much more plump! This one was gifted to my chiropractor and his wife. What is Valentine's Day without a little RED?!Here was the next one. The shape is damn near perfect! Would you believe I even had the perfect bead for the center?! I sewed one of my peace sign beads to the middle and I have a sucker bead on the ribbon. I gifted this one to Melissa! My hippy bead girl! This one just totally looked like her!Then on to some more. This one has a nice full cheeky shape too! I can't tell you who this one belongs to, but the new owner will find out soon enough! ;)You can even see a little love note I put inside of the pocket on this heart! Awwww!

What a fantastic gift for all of those special Valentine's, don't you think? I was SOOOO excited to come up with the idea. They look SOOOO cute hanging from my windows! They go along with the heart my mom made for my door when I moved into our house :D

Well I hope you enjoyed my SUPER LOVEY blog! I had a splendid time sharing it with you!

Much love,



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