Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pastels and Tendrils

Hello friends!

Ok so I had hoped this update was going to come a few days earlier, but I wasn't sure what I was going to list. Kim visited today and she nabbed up some of my sweet new beads before I had a chance to list them! Don't worry though because I still have some AWESOME "tendril" earrings and some pastel pretties to share!

So I guess we will do this from soft colors to bold colors.
Love, Peace & Flower Power- Pastels- A sweet little with a tiny heart, peace sign and daisy. Oh the possibilities for a funky design!Spring Dings Wing Dings- A full spectrum pastel rainbow of wing dings for your designing pleasure. You could make a bracelet or mis-matching earrings. Flutters Wing Dings- Spring dings alter ego. Soft pastel transparent colors. A whole lotta freckled wingy fun!


TENDRIL EARRINGS!! I was so excited to make up these funky pairs of earrings. They are super LONG and dangly. They are visually and texturally exhilarating! I just LOVE spade drops and they are such a perfect fit for this design!Sour Fizz Tendrils- So bright you will have to wear shades! Electric yellow green, sour lemon yellow with a twist of pale lime!Watermelon Quencher Tendrils- Delicious and JUICY watermelon pink and lime green with accents in opal lime green and cranberry. Mmmm!Glowing Lantern's Tendrils- A mix of pale yellow, lime green and aqua with some dark grass green in the mix. Hypnosis Tendrils- a bold splash of black and white. Super crisp contrast with my favorite poked-eye style bead and stripey seed beads!Groovy Hippy Tendrils- Mmmm what can I say about this color combination? I just LOVE it. Tangerine orange, rusty orange, avocado green with a burst of turquoise blue!

Maybe I just love these because of this coffee mug and bead I made for Melissa's birthday one year?Ok so you are getting a side story on this mug. It is by a brand called "Typhoon" from the UK. They no longer ship to the US so the ONLY place you can find this is on places like Ebay. So if for some reason you come across this mug you could always send it my way! >:D


I just love it when people send me pictures of what they make with my beads! My friend Jan was kind enough to share the designs she made!Here you can see my Flower Sprocket pendant along with some beads from a different lampworker. Jan got some of these beads from a friend and the just matched perfectly!
Here is a design she made with the Radioactive Happy candy set. Don't you love the way she used the button bead for the focal on the bracelet instead of a clasp bead?

Well it looks like this will be the end up my update for this blog.


Much love,



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