Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A tisket a tasket

Hello friends!

Looks like you are about to get a HOLIDAY update! Valentine's Day? Nope, Easter! Yep, can you believe it? So why the holiday update so early? Well I had a few new designs made that are really exciting, but I didn't have enough for a proper update. I decided to get some Easter goodies up first. Those of you that are planners can have a head start on the next holiday while still enjoying some of my Valentine's Day goodies!

Esmeralda is a darling long eared bunny with a cute rose headband, pink ears and nose and black beady eyes on a white base.Veronica is a sun bunny! She has tan fur with pink rosy cheeks, ears and nose. Her eyes are beady black and she has a blue violet rose headband.
Aurora is a white lop-eared bunny with a purple rose with leaves adorning her sweet head.

Louise is another lop-eared bunny that loves her sun! She has pink ears and nose with a blue violet rose with leaves on her head.Lilac bunny egg is one of my favorites! I just LOVE this base of lilac lavender! There are freckles of pink on the front and back. A white floppy eared bunny sits on the top with a cute pink nose and beady black eyes.
Fuzzy chick is a darling little chick with 3 cute head feathers and rosy pink cheeks. She has a soft orange beak too!Green chick egg has a soft lime green base with lavender freckles. On top a cute yellow chick with an orange beak and black eyes finishes off the design.Easter eggs features a base of turquoise blue with pink freckles. On the front dyed Easter eggs in pink, yellow and orange sit in springy green Easter grass. This is another one of my favorites! It was super fun to make too! :)Orange and purple speckled egg features just that! Orchid speckles are scattered across a warm orange base. They remind me of those malted milk eggs they make for Easter :)


I am excited to announce that Genea Beads has been featured in www.kcfreepress.com's Kansas City local Etsy sellers Valentine's Day feature! The item in my shop that got the spot light was my Love Nest bead!Thanks again to kcfreepress.com for choosing to add my art to their feature! :)

For the super bowl we had some friends over to hang out. Amanda came over with her darling kids. I just couldn't help, but snap a few pictures!Here you can see PJ(age 3) and Big Mike(he's big mike 'cause he's 6' 7"). Pj was playing around in a pillowcase :) I picked him up and put him inside. He was bouncing around and just layed down to wrestle with Mike.As you can see he found another pillow case. He was all tuckered out by the end of the night and crashed out on the floor just like this.This is my FAVORITE picture. He looks just like a little cherub *beams* Isn't he darling?!

Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of Tony. Unfortunately he was sick and running a temp. We gave him some meds and put him in bed to sleep off his sickies :(

Well that concludes my update for this week. See you soon!

Much love,



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