Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Third Eye Gypsy.Com is LIVE!

Hello beautiful souls!

It's time! It's LIVE! Yes, my new website is LIVE! I was excited to get most of it built the other day. So the base of the site is all built and I will be busily loading up my shop! HOORAY!! Below is a little video I took while I was building my site, but you can see my webpage . So what's the most exciting thing about the new webpage? NEW WORK!

 I have SO much art, jewelry, and beads that are NOT online yet. You may have caught a glimpse of them when I did  a 3 day sale, but after that they were not available. I was not going to keep adding things to my Etsy shop when they were not getting the views they deserved. As you know Etsy has changed a lot over the years. I was not really happy with the changes and how things were for the sellers. The site was no longer doing things in our best interest and a lot of us dropped off. We make our livings selling our art and it's hard to make a living if no one is seeing your work. This is the whole reason a webpage is so important. If you sell on third party sites THEY get all the views. Not you. WE are the ones that make these sites money and allow them to make millions on us. So it's only fair that WE get to benefit from OUR hard work, but enough about that... 

I am just SO excited to be loading up my new shop! I even think about it while I fall asleep. I was even dreaming about it. I had a dream last night about having a few people helping me assemble my jewelry for my website. I was thinking about how they were going to add the pendants onto my finsihed sari silk necklaces, but then realized they would have to open the jump rings to put the pendants on when they sold and realized the snag there. Lol! You can see where my mind has been! 

I am JUST SO EXCITED about all of the ideas I have in store for my work. Some ideas I got a chance to test out before I got ill and busy with my side projects, and others that are in the dream state while I build funds and start getting new equipment and supplies. The upgrades I will need for all of the new equipment will be expensive and I will need to tackle them bit by bit to really be able to bring my body of work to my new ideas, but I can tell you it will be like nothing you have ever seen! I can't wait to be creating all of these new things. The expanded business from my new webpage will allow me to get these new supplies and equipment. I couldn't be more excited!!

Well I am going to hop off here and get to it! You can check my webpage and see items pop into my shop! I can assure you I am just as excited as you to watch them go live. Let's count how many times I said "excited" in this blog post. Lol. Guess I need some new words ;) 

See you all soon!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

You can keep up to date with all of my happenings on my NEW website-


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