Thursday, March 29, 2018

Building an online house- new website

Hello beautiful souls,
Ok, I'm not building a house, but it kinda feels like it building a webpage. I have much to learn for sure. Not all of my buttons get you to the exact spot they are supposed to, but some of the shop parts link correctly. There are just SO many things to do! Most of us have used some sort of blog platform like Blogger or Wordpress and also places to sell our items like Etsy. Well I will tell ya these fancy websites don't have some of those little extra flairs we are used to using. It will just take a little getting used to figuring out where things are. I got held up for a good long while when my findings banner ended up on every page and my footer was in the middle of my page. YIKES! 

This is the one that got me stuck. I had to add another product page for my glass headpins and findings. For some reason the shop now button on the front page takes you to the lampwork page. I even checked the findings page and it says it's linked up. There must be another spot I need to change. So bare with me. I'm working on it. Web design is definitely not my skill lol. 

I will also take this moment to apologize in advance if I miss your messages or e-mails to me or we have some kink in the new page. This is all a learning curve. Mostly, it's been pretty good, but I do get stuck from time to time. 

I made some bad ass new boxes to send out your goodies. I made my very first blog post on the new page you can view here to take a peek. I will be featuring the process on the Artistcellar blog for my post coming up, so keep an eye out for that. This is how my new blog looks so far. It's crazy I had to even add a comments tab since the blog didn't come with one. Weird.. You will also notice there is a newsletter sign up twice on the page. I like the way it looks on the pink blog portion better than down below, but that bottom part is on all of my pages and if I delete it on the blog I think it will get deleted on all the pages so there will just have to be two for now. 

Oh and you may have noticed the annoying gray spot in my photos. It's been there for awhile. I have no idea what happened to my camera. It just appeared one day. It's not the lens. I did some searching and it sound like I have damaged pixels in my camera. It's old and I am SO ready for a new camera, but I'll have to save for a new one. I really want a DSLR. You know, one of those fancy pants, big girl camera's that take photos so luscious it feels like you can lick them through the screen. 

Here is my lampwork page. I am focusing my energies on this page mostly. I have SO many new things to get online. I am also excited to get my new jewelry online as well. These things coming up are things that have never been in my Etsy shop. 

Ok loves, I am off to continue building the page! Stop on by and check it out here.

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

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