Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love and Light Friendship Hearts, Corkscrew Candies and Rainbow Swirl Clasps- Etsy Shop Update, Jewelry too!

Hello friends!

I did it! 2 blogs in one week! Woo hoo! Surely I should get some award for that, right?! Oh I even updated my jewelry shop! DOUBLE BONUS! He he. 

So where to start? Well if you have been following me on Facebook, you may have already seen these when I post my beads right out of the kiln. If not you may want to friend request me and follow my GB page ;)

So I guess I will start with my jewelry shop since it's so terribly neglected. As you know my primary thing is beads, but I do love to make jewelry as well! 

New in the Genea C-K Jewelry Shop....
"Luna's Nocturnal Embrace" - Remember me posting this beauty? I had created a sun necklace just before this one that is currently hanging out at Belle Armoire Magazine ;) I was excited to finally use some of Staci's amazing heart moon/sun/star pendants as I had had them for over a year before designing with them. I LOVE night time and this necklace celebrating it :)
Here is what it looks like worn.

"Star Dust"- No great necklace design can be without some gorgeous earrings, so here they are! 
Vortex Pod "Bright Earth"- You know how I love this style ring. I was SO excited to make a Wooly Wire band! This ring is super comfy like wearing a scarf on your finger :D
"Recycled Wine" - I was so excited when I made these! They are super recycled with my distressed scrabble tiles and recycled wine bottle glass droplets! Perfect for the green peeps you know and love.

Bead Shop Update...
Weeny Dings "Lagoon"- They are back in the shop! Woo hoo! I just love this color combo. Yum!
Rainbow Spiral S-Clasp- Schmedium- Back in stock! I just LOVE the color in these dots!
Rainbow Spiral S-Clasp- Small- Got some small clasps re-listed too! Yay!
Introducing the NEW, Corkscrew Candies "Midnight Jewel" pairs! I just love everything about this design. I love the corkscrew spiral of black that floats across the middle of the bead with the super rainbowy dot. Perfect for earrings!

The inspiration of design. While I take my walks I am usually flooded with ideas. This radiating heart had come to me before, but came to me again in a time of need. The first bead was trying out the design, the second was the actual "Radiating Heart" design I created for myself. The last design was working out a winged heart, which led me to the last very special bead....
I felt a very strong pull to create a winged heart bead for Staci like her logo heart. I was so happy with this very special bead that I made some more. Staci and I named the heart together and we are proud to present, "Love and Light, Flight of Friendship" :D

Here is Staci's logo heart for reference ;)

and here is the incredible back of the bead! Just look at all of that COLOR! Wow!

Well that concludes my shop update for the day. 

Kansas City got HAMMERED with a winter storm today, so my gift to myself was to enjoy it after doing my listings :D

Here is what I woke up to this morning. If you look to the left right by that leaf on the branch you will see the dogs on the far edge of the yard enjoying the snow :D
Here is Leeloo's sweet snowy face!

Happy Thursday! 

See you soon! 

xo Genea


Karen Totten said...

Wow so many cool beds and jewelry to look at! And Leeloo: awwww!

somethingunique said...

Such a lovey post and beautiful creations....and nothing like a doggies running through the snow to bring a smile to a face eh....

Thanks for sharing..xox

Genea said...

So glad you both both enjoyed it! I just love my furry girls! Thanks for stopping by! xo Genea

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