Thursday, February 28, 2013

From a Snow Storm to the Beach- Etsy Shop Update

Hello friends!

Wow, did we get some SNOW in the Midwest, or WHAT?! Did you see this?? 
Ok maybe it doesn't look that bad, but we have to have gotten like 2 feet of snow fall over the last week and a half or so. It was pretty crazy. Growing up by the Great Lakes, I love me some snow. The only down side is that Ricky got stuck staying in Olathe, Kansas(about 45 mins from here) cause he had to keep the gym open. 

So what do you do when you are snowed in?? Make jewelry, duh. :P
So here is what you can make with my new moon and star beads :D I used  a bunch of Staci's amazing beads as well, and you know how I love my Wooly Wire! Wooly Wire is going LIVE on Lima Beads today too! So go tell Nellie how excited you are for her! :D

I also made this bracelet, which I LOOOOOOOOOVE! I actually switched around beads quite a few times before I got the bracelet just how I wanted it. I actually didn't intend to use one of Karen's "Pie Beads" in the center, but I LOVE how it turned out! Lots of goodies on here by Karen along with some more Wooly Wire and my "Lagoon" Weeny Dings :D

I also made myself these wonderful earrings. I called them "We are all made of Stars". I named them after a Moby Song. I used some of Karen's amazing hoops and her raku star with my "Galaxy" Headpins.

So I when I made stuff for listings this week I went in a totally different direction. I went from snow to the BEACH. So I blame it on a few different things. 1. Listening to Jack Johnson. I had the hankering for some protein pancakes the other day. Jack Johnson has a "Banana Pancakes" song(which I am in love with btw). So I had both... 
Ok so they look kind of terrible, but the are DAMN DELICIOUS. You can find the recipe here- Banana Pancakes. Ok so you have to make the pancakes and play the song so you can get the full effect :D This song is SO happy :D "Making banana pancakes and pretend like it's the weekend"! 

So 2.I was talking with Karen and I had shown her these star headpins I had made. She had told me I should try doing starfish! Hmmm.. great idea Karen! 3. I was also showing Karen some of these Ivory stone textured beads I made awhile back. She told me I needed to make more and she had ordered some so I figured  why not, right?! They were awesome beads.

So here are the back sides of the "Star Bright" beads. Where I started with the whole star headpin design.

Here are the starfish designs. The first is raked up the sides, the second is "painted" on and the third is painted on with dots. You know I like to start out simple and make the design more intricate. I loved the super dotty one best so that is what I decided to make for my listings :D
"Teal Tide Starfish"- This sweet little pair would be perfect alone or added with other beachy beads :D

Spiral Beach Stones "White Sands"- Wow, didn't these turn out GORGEOUS? They make me thing of beautiful white sandy beaches. The ivory textures really well so these have some wonderful pits to them!

Beach Stone Droplets "Pale Aqua"- I chose this color because it makes me think of that pale pretty aqua beach glass. This glass textures up really nicely as well. So pretty. I know you all love that pale aqua too.

Spiral Earth Stones "Sahara"- You may remember this favorite! I was lucky enough to score some of this wonderful glass from a good friend(thanks K!) since the big supplier is out at the moment. I didn't get too far making multiples of this since I cranked out the other beads, but I do have a set up for grabs ;)

I hope you enjoyed my A.D.D. blog post! lol. Now I must RUN upstairs and RIP into my 3 packages that arrived today!!

Have a happy Thursday!

xo Genea


Karen Totten said...

oh Wow! Great post - love all your work so much!!!! And thanks for the shout-out about Lima Beads and WoolyWire!

Genea said...

Thanks so much Karen! Thanks! I love to use your beads and Nellie's wire! Sure thing! So excited for you both!! xo Genea

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