Thursday, February 14, 2013

Batik and Glass- Shop Update and Run of Design Inspiration

Hello friends!

I am always amazed at how fast the week goes by. I have been making TONS of beads! I just recently got STUCK on this style and I just HAD to keep making beads!  I am in LOVE with the designs!

They started with one of my new beads inspired by Staci's new metal eye beads, which then inspired me to make a bead for Karen. I am so lucky to have such amazing creative friends that are an endless source of inspiration. I always think it's pretty cool to be inspired to do new designs based on your own work as well.

Inspiration for beads....

So let's take a look at where these designs were born first.

On the left is Staci's new copper eye bead. She was inspired by my love of eyes and I was inspired by her bead. So just a quick touch on that subject cause I want to blog about that later ;P

So the back of this beads was actually the start of the inspiration for this entire run of beads. I think it's exciting to see a designs starting point and ending point. 
Here is the back of my eye bead. The back was so pretty that I decided to use that as the starting point for yet another bead.
Here is the front with the sun.
and the back with the moon! UH-MAZING! Wow you see why I had to keep making beads?

So I thought I should totally make Karen a bead since her business name is "Starry Road Studio". I had started making her a bead like the purple velvet one(I am listing today) except instead of the sun and moon I went for a "Starry Road" style. Moon and Star bead.
So here were the starting points. I tried a few to see which design I liked best. Here is the front side.

The back side. The first one looked too much like a sun to me. I LOVE the second design and the 3rd. Infact in this run of beads some have the second back design and some have the 3rd. It was mostly a space thing. So after I made the star I had to see how much room I had left for the design ;)

Well after that I had this idea to make Karen some jewelry! She likes to collect beads, but doesn't always get around to making jewelry. Staci has been sending me some finished jewelry of hers, which I have really enjoyed getting since sometimes it's just nice to wear something rather than designing. So with that thought I decided to make Karen a necklace and earrings. I will reveal the necklace now since I spoiled the surprise with the inspiration pic in my listing. You will have to wait to see the earrings.
OMG can you believe this necklace??! It is SOOOOO beautiful! It just came right together. It's like I had bought the silk to match, when infact I had bought it a short while back. So perfect!

So after making the larger focals I decided to make the "Star Brights" small focals and.....

"Star Bright" front.

"Star Bright" back.
 "Moon Bubble Sprees". I really like making a collection of beads when I work. I just picked some of my fav colors and got to it.

So there is the design process. Pretty amazing to see where it started and ended up huh? :)


Mystic Moon and Sister Star "Purple Velvet"- Um can you say WOW?! This base color is absolutely gorgeous and it is so rocking with the Raku!
Back side.

Mystic Moon and Sister Star- "Rust"- One of my favs to use as a base. It is a perfect compliment to raku!
Back. Oh just look at these COLORS!

"Moon Bubble Sprees"- Not only are the color bases so pretty, but I could get just LOST in these dots. Not only are they rainbows, but they have a reflective mirror dot inside the center. Wow!

Star Bright "Golden Ocher"- just a sweet little star to wish upon :)

Star Bright "Mystic Mint"- Another one of my very favorite base colors. Ooo look at those streaks of color! Yummy!

So looking at the base colors I noticed those are all colors you see in the Raku. Crazy how my brain picked those up and translated them into the beads!

 I hope you enjoyed my design process and new work as much as I did.

Have a wonderful Thursday and Happy Valentine's day!

xo Genea


Libellula Jewelry said...

You've outdone yourself! *simply gorgeous*

Karen Totten said...

So beautiful! I am so stoked to see my necklace in PERSON! Love Love Love!

Meridy Migchelbrink said...

Genea, you've outdone yourself! No, that's probably not possible--but, girl, these are just STUNNING! xoxo

Genea said...

Thanks so much Susan. I was so excited about how this design transformed. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks Karen! So sorry to ruin your surprise by posting :/ Nothing will take the place of having it in person. It's really something!

Thanks Meridy! you are so sweet :) Thanks so much for your kind words. I love them too!

xo Genea

Nancy Bariluk-Smith said...

Genea, Your work is inspiring and the color combinations so juicy!!
Beautiful, fun and playful

Genea said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Nancy :) xo Genea

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