Thursday, January 24, 2013

Something out of Nothing- Few Ingredient Food

Hello friends!

And now for something completely different! No, this post is actually NOT about beads, but before you click away... You do eat right? and you do like food right? Well this may be of interest to you! ;) So those that know me well know that I am a foodie. As you may have seen  I like to take photos of what I eat. I enjoy eating, and enjoy sharing amazing thing throughout my day. 

This was one of my crowning moments and I would like to share it with you. As you know, I create. That is just something I do. My husband on the other hand also creates, only his medium is food(LUCKY ME! :D) Ricky(DH) is the master of "throw it together" cooking. He can take ANYTHING and make something amazing. Me, well I am not so lucky(although I have been told I can do it too, but I don't really believe him...). BUT... Today... I DID IT! 
You know those days. The days before payday when you have odds and ends and you are wondering what the hell you are going to make. Now for me since I am gluten intolerant and have found I am also having issues with some dairy that makes it a bit tricky. 
So here is what I had. Chicken breast, bacon, and 4 very sad willty looking mushrooms. I saw that mom and dad had some kinda wilty looking lettuce in the drawer as well so I snagged some of that.  That is a LIFE SAVER when you can't just put stuff between bread or make noodles. Oh I forgot when looking for lettuce I also found a little bit of onion. 
So I thought to myself hmmm....what can I make. Well bacon is always good, right? I mean it's BACON. So I cut up my bacon into pieces and added some garlic(we always have a big tub from Costco, thank God!), cut up my onions and my sad little mushrooms.  I added all of that to the pan, but then realized I should have started by cooking down the bacon to make it crusty(and garlic and onions were caramelized) and release it's oil. So I scooted the other ingredients to the side of the pan and let my bacon cook down. 
When my bacon got pretty crusty I moved the rest of stuff in the man back in the middle and mixed everything together. Next I cut up my chicken and added that to the pan and cooked it until the chicken was done(It turns white, for those of you that don't cook much ;) I grabbed a pinch of kosher salt and a few dashes of coarse ground pepper on top.
Then I had this GENIUS idea. I would need some sort of topping right? So I think to myself, what would taste good with bacon and chicken. HONEY MUSTARD! So I dig in the fridge and find some Dijon mustard, and grab the honey out of the cabinet. I do a drizzle of both(more mustard than honey) across my stuff in the pan until it's mixed in. 

Next I removed my pan from the heat, put lettuce on a plate and added the pan contents on top. I then grabbed some more Dijon mustard and honey and drizzled those over the top again(more mustard than honey again). 

THIS, is what I had for lunch when there was SQUAT in the fridge!

Um yeah, it was quite delicious, if I do say so myself! So today, I had my "Ricky moment" and created this amazing dish out of "nothing"! Yay!! 

The ingredient list so you don't have to scroll through the blog...
1 chicken breast
2 handfuls of lettuce(spinach or whatever you have as far as greens. Enough to cover your plate)
2 slices of bacon
handful of portobello mushrooms
A TBS of garlic or so( I love garlic so I just grabbed a spoon and dumped a heaping one in)
1/4c or so of onion
Pinch of kosher salt
a few dashes of coarse ground pepper
2 drizzles of dijon mustard
2 lesser drizzles of honey

I hope you give it a try! I was so excited to whip up something so simple and tasty!


xo Genea


A Half-Baked Notion said...

I couldn't resist your post, Genea... sometimes the food just "speaks to you" just like the beads LOL. I bet with this success you will be more eager to create in the kitchen! And that plate really does look tasty... I agree, when there is BACON in the fridge it's hard to go wrong!

Genea said...

Lol, it does! So exiting too! Oh for sure. I do a few thing free style, but I like to follow recipes too. Oh dude, it was SO good! Yeah, for sure! It's all about bacon! xo Genea

Debra Beach said...

I enjoy reading all of your blogs, Genea. You have a wonderful gift of writing, so that I feel like I am actually there experiencing what you are sharing with us. This looks and sounds really good! Sometimes those unexpected creations end up being a favorite fix for days to come. Thanks for always sharing your creativity, whatever the medium. Have a wonderful weekend! XODebra

Genea said...

Hey Debra! Awww thanks. I just try to write how I really talk. I like for people to get to know me yanno? :) It was! I was so excited! Yeah, for sure. I think I will add it to my quick fix menu. You're welcome. Thanks for reading! You do the same! xo Genea

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