Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bright Earth Series- Shop Update

Hello friends!

Well I got busy jiving on this "Bright Earth" palette of mine. I decided to make some more beads like the ones in my necklace since they were so well received. I also even made some tabs! Yay! So now it's YOUR turn to do some designing with my beads!

Here is the whole collection(well most of it besides the Vortex Flowers ;) All together along with one of my necklace designs!
Bright Earth "Bubble Sprees" Um YUM! Couldn't you just eat these?! I mean don't cause well you can't digest them and well you know how you would have to get them back if you did. Uh... yeah. Lol!  

Big Hole Flower Connector- Bright Earth My first attempt at adding to loop holes for connecting as not to disrupt that beautiful negative space in the center of the flower. I love how it worked up in my necklace!

Bright Earth "Tornado Leaves" Ok it took me a few combos to get colors that POPPED. With this design you have to have enough contrast when layering the colors. NAILED IT! :D

Bright Earth "Tornado Pods"- Great for earrings, flower centers for Vortex Flowers, you name it! Oh so BRIGHT!

Bright Earth "Bubble Buttons"- Wing Dings- Um if they weren't amazing enough just by their color, they are now with their color fading bubbles. I am quite enamored with fading each color to the next. It tickles my fancies. I hope it does for you too :D

I don't know about you, but I love seeing these pop up on my screen! It's such a great sense of accomplishment. I guess it just makes them "real" yanno? 

I hope you find something you can't live without ;)

Happy Hump Day!

xo Genea


Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

They are so fun Genea! Love the colors, love the shapes! just fantastic

Genea said...

Thanks Mary! Me too! It's fun doing a nice big collection in a palette :D xo Genea

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