Friday, June 15, 2012

Trip to the Sea- Beads

Hello friends!

It's about that time of year when people are hitting the beaches to be close to some body of water. Here in Missouri all we have is a dirty river(Bummer). Oh well, that doesn't mean I can't dream of the beach and the water. I go there in my mind with my color palette.

I am always excited when new glass colors come out from Creation is Messy. I get to test all of the amazing new glass before it hits the shelves for sale! One of my favorite new colors is Poseidon. This gorgeous watery cyan blue opal is just perfect for my new oceany beads!

The whole reason I got stuck in this oceany palette was the release of a new opal glass(see above) and my friends Karen Totten, and Staci Smith. I have been busily designing on my desk and so inspired by their GORGEOUS patinaed metals! I just love that oceany blue green! Mmmmm! So off I went to match some of my glass to the patinas for some of my designs and for YOU!

Here are some of Staci's Loop-T-Loops. She also makes these GORGEOUS sea themed patinaed pieces as well, but I am assuming they are going into her creations for some upcoming shows she has going this summer. You could always ask her just incase she has some available ;)

Here is one of Karen's GORGEOUS clasps in one of my favorite glazes! 

Here is what my desk looks like. *shiver* The me from a few years ago would have had a stroke for sure! Well what can you do when you are so inspired you don't even have time to finish a design before you MUST create more? Yeah, that's what it looks like! 

So in being inspired I made a NEW design that was inspired one of Staci's new flower focals that was inspired by my Vortex Flowers! I just love this "volleying" of ideas back and forth! 
From left to right: Vortex Flower, Swirl Flower, Vortex Anemone Flower.

So this leads us to today's shop listings!
Introducing the NEW Vortex Anemone Flower focal! "Ruffled Waves"- I just LOVE how this turned out. Not only are the ruffles super amazing, but the colors! OMG! They fade from a minty sea foam green to a gorgeous cyan blue!
Wing Dings "Sea Opals"- Mmmm just look at this wonderful color fade of opals from cyan blue, to minty green, to teal green, teal blue and finished off by capri blue.

"Sea Wheelies" - a wonderful minty green with hints of blue spiral disc. Thanks so Etsy's new feature I was able to list multiple sets! Hooray!

"Spiral Sea Coins"- OMG this is seriously one of my very favorite odd lot glasses! Just look at these wonderful shifting greens to blues to even a hint of brown and yellow!  These are that same wonderful coin shape, but only minis!

So what about those special limited addition sets Staci and I have been working on? Well we are almost done. Just a little bit longer for some creation time and soon will be the big release!  Here are a few little teaser photos to show you what's in store!


Thanks so much for stopping by! 
See you soon!
 xo Genea


Kristi Bowman said...

Jealous you have friends you can play with sniff sniff! Awesome stuff, you guys must be having a blast!

Genea said...

Come play with us Krisit! :D Message me if you want to collab or trade or somethin' ;)

OMG, we are! So much excitement!

Karen Totten said...

I wish we could all have a real play date - IN PERSON - wouldn't that be fun!!!??? :D

Libellula Jewelry said...

You guys are coming up with the most beautiful things! Fabulous work :)

Alice said...

Ohhh, my mouth is watering over all these goodies! I can't wait to see what your collaboration Staci brings--I know the results will be fantastic!

Have a great weekend!

Genea said...

Oh Karen, we will! It WILL happen! Yep, it would be a blast! :D

Libellula- Thanks so much! I am having such a wonderful time!

Alice- Our collab is creating special limited addition beads to go in special sets to sell! They will be released soon...

xo Genea

Krys said...

Just stunning! All of them could be from where I live and All of them are lovely. Can't wait to see the collaboration! Heading to the US soon, may have to make some beady purchases!

Genea said...

Thanks so much Krys! I figured this was right up your alley since you are an ocean girl ;) Awww that makes me really happy to hear that :) I so want to visit your area so badly!!

Oh it's coming together so awesomely! I can't wait to assemble the sets and list them for sale!

Oh how wonderful! Visiting your mom and dad? Sure, just let me know :)

xo Genea

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