Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring has SPRUNG in the shop!

Hello friends!

It's been a weird spring huh? It seems like everything has bloomed so early since winter wasn't as harsh and cold as it should have been. I really wanted to get in some springy colored things into my shop before spring sprang right past me!

I have some wonderful new SPRING DINGS and VORTEX FLOWERS to add to the shop. I had the pleasure of getting to test and use some of the amazing NEW Messy glass colors! Some of my favs that are featured in my sets are Peachy Keen and Poseidon(these will pop up in Messy's update soon under the orange and blue color sections). I am just totally in LOVE with their new colors! Peachy keen is this fantastic pastel orangey peach transparent and Poseidon is a lovely aqua opal!

Wing Dings, Spring Dings "Crystal Rainbows"  OMG yum! I just love this selection of transparent pastel glasses! The new Peachy Keen is just perfect with this palette!

Vortex Flower "Lemon Sherbet"- A funky pastel vortex flower in yummy yellows including some glittery glass!

Vortex Flower "Orange Sherbet"- a fantastical blend of oranges, pastel orange and a coraly pink opal with just a hint of glitter.

Vortex Flower "Strawberry Sherbet"- a perfectly pastel pink(he he he) bloom for that wonderful whisper of spring.

Wing Dings, Spring Dings "Opal Rainbow"- a wonderful blend of opal glasses with the new Poseidon opal glass!


Maybe ya missed it? So, just incase, here are some beads from the first bead soup I participated in with my partner Mary Harding.
River Rock Wheelies- same fantastic batch of glass as last time :)
"Biscotti Silver" spacers- same wonderful batch as last time!

"Gold Dust II" A slight change in transparent brown glass(same color, different color lot. More yellowish) and a slight change in the creamy colored batch(more ivory greenish). Still amazingly beautiful!

"Cream Silver II"- A slight change in this glass batch color as well. These are more of the ivory/greenish color. Mmm mmmm.

So all in all, some limited beads this listing, but oh so pretty!

Thanks for stopping by!

xo Genea


Anonymous said...

Oh I just love those and you...miss you hunny bunchins.....xox

Genea said...

Thanks so much :) Psst Lana is that you???

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