Monday, June 18, 2012

Happiness in a box

Hello friends!

I sure do love getting mail! The other day was no exception! I received another wonderful box from my dear friend, Staci Smith! Wow the treasures that were inside my box!
So on the top of the box were our collab bead sets! I was SUPER excited to look at each and every one! I can't wait for us to reveal them to you! You are going to LOVE them!
So let's take a look inside my box!
Awww how sweet of Staci! Look! She sent me some beach glass, urchin spines and mop sticks in the bag on the left. She even sent me a little diamond bit for me to drill the glass! What a sweet girl!

Ooooo and look at all of these pretty semi-precious stone chunks and shell! So pretty!!
OMG! I LOVE these oils from Scent by the Sea ! How sweet of my hippy girl to send me some wonderful oils! I was so excited to receive these because when I was in high school I used to wear this oil by a company called Airs. They make the most wonderful smelling incense. Well, they had this oil called, China Moon that was my favorite! The moon bride made me think of it. Wow do these oils smell amazing! They wear really well too. I could smell the oil on myself throughout the day :D
Yay!! Sea glass! I just love this simple necklace and aqua blue!
Look at this amazing beachy goodness! She sent me some of her new "Sea Bones" head pins and one of her amazing connectors called "Poseidon's Fury"(I think that's what it was ;)! They are so gorgeous! I just LOVE the pendant she sent me from Marsha Neal Studio! Did you see the sweet stripey shells like the ones she used in her AIW necklace from our Curious Design Challenge?!

Isn't the necklace gorgeous! You can read Staci's post here incase you missed it ;)

OMG look how beautiful these beads are!! I just love every single one of them! I can't wait to design with them!

OMG and look at these!! I just love them!These batiked connectors are to die for!  The donut is BIG too! It must stretch across my palm! It's going to make such a cool focal in a necklace!

Awwww! Look she sent me earrings like hers!  Staci posted these gorgeous earrings that are going to go in her shop soon.I just raved and raved about them, maybe she thought I needed some too :D:D:D

Here are her earrings! Gorgeous huh?! I just LOVE them! She used my midnight jewel headpins for the drop.

Here is her whole set with her necklace she made with my "Ancient Pebble" focal as well! I just love the look with her cute hippy do rag!

Here are the earrings I made with my components from Staci! I assembled them and put them on right away when I went out Friday night :)

Here is the INCREDIBLE necklace she sent me as well! OMG, it is SOOOO PRETTY! It makes the most wonderful noise when you move around too. All those layers of metal and chain!Mmmm!

Here I am wearing my new jewelry :D

Thanks so much for stopping by to celebrate with me! 

Have a wonderful evening and see ya soon!

xo Genea


Kristi Bowman said...

Oooooh lucky lucky girl!!!!!!!!!

Genea said...

I know it!! :D

Stepha said...

Beautiful treasures! I love the urchin sticks, I saw Lorelei had a pile off them.:)

Loris Glassworks said...

Oh My Gosh! Love your treasures, especially the sea glass. Cheers!
Lori D.

Genea said...

Aren't they, Stepha! I am so excited about them! This is the first time I have really seen them. They are super cool! I can't wait to make something cool with them :D I will have to check and see what she makes with them ;)

Me too Lori! I can't wait to play with all of the wonderful goodies Staci sent :D

xo Genea

Sandra said...

very lucky girl!

Genea said...

Yes, indeed, Sandra! ;)

Karen Totten said...

What a sweet gift! I love Staci's work!

Genea said...

I know it! You both spoil me so and I love it! I love it too!

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