Thursday, June 7, 2012

Glass turned into STONE!

Hello friends!

Wow, is all I can say. You know when you get a cool design idea and you just go with it? It turns out super amazing so you have to make a run of them? Well I did that this last couple days. I am SO STOKED with the results! 

Unfortunately, these may be a limited run of beads. Although the design looks simple, the many steps to create and clean the beads make them terribly time consuming. So for now what I have to offer today may be it, unless I get a wild hair or something, but one never knows with inspiration. Generally I get these ideas, make a bunch then I am over it or get inspired for something completely different. 

I do think I will have to blame my earth tone palette and earthy look on Karen Totten and Staci Smith. I have been trying to match my most recent stash of Karen's beads and Staci has been posting so many of her wonderful designs it's been hard not to soak all of that in ;)

I also got the idea from surfing around Etsy. I was actually snooping in Karen and Staci's favorites. It's always interesting to see what other people like. I saw some simple style beads that gave me an idea for this run of things except I took it a few steps further to create this design and style.

Oh did I mention they aren't perfect either? *GASP* Yes, I know, a recovering perfectionist not making "perfect" beads. I guess thats the nice thing about organic style beads ;)

Ok, enough already... where the hell are those beads?!

Spiral Earth Stones "Frosted Fiber"- OMG aren;'t these cool with their texture, stamp and band of silvered ivory?!
Earth Stone Droplet "Frosted Fiber"- What run of beads doesn't need matching headpins?! Only 3? Yep, they take forever to make to get the wonderful texture just the way I like it ;P
Earth Stone Ring "Frosted Fiber" Wow! Is this bead COOL! The hole is so big I can slide it half way down my pinky! Just look at that amazing webbed and curdled band around the outside and with that matte and texture?! Yum!
Spiral Earth Stones "Black Lava"-  Yep the same great spiral stamp and texture are on these beads and what's not to love about raku? It always amazes me when you etch a bead and the colors get more vibrant! I got some fantastic color in this set!

Earth Stone Droplets "Black Lava"- Mmmm headpins! Stoney, rainbowy, textury. Awesome!
Ripple Earth Stone Ring "Black Lava"- WOAH! Not only is a it a big holed ring, but a pentagon and it has ripply texture in it! SO COOL!
and a detail shot. Isn't that ripple stamp SO COOL?! I just love it!

Ok so this is kinda mean to post these, right? Well Miss Staci sure did snag these up amost literally after I posted them. They are SO delicious, I just had to share!  Maybe she will make one of her fabulous designs with them and you can have the best of both worlds? ;) Never hurts to ask, right? ;)
Earth Stone Droplets "Sahara"- I love this glass color and I love raku. I can't think of anything better!

Thanks for stopping by to be excited with me!

See you  on Saturday for the blog hop!

xo Genea


Kristi Bowman said...

I love all this stone texture!!

Genea said...

Thanks so much! Me too! It's fun try new styles and color palettes :D

somethingunique said...

All full of awesomeness as always...xox

Genea said...

Thanks so much Lana! xoxo

Alice said...

Wow, please excuse the drool! I love the colors and textures of all these beauties. I would love to own any of them but my little budget just does not allow.

Libellula Jewelry said...

Love all that texture and earthiness!

Patti Van said...

These have gorgeous textures and colors!

lunedreams said...

WOW! You ARE right to be excited!! I would be too!! The clear ones especially are knocking me out!! They ARE like stone, but otherworldly stone from the Abode of the Gods--love the combination of etched clear and that cool grey granite. I could lose myself in there! And a pentagon? You're killing me, I've never seen anything like that before. And impressing a pattern on it! You're doing some seriously cool fusion here.

Gaea said...

Those are DIVINE!!!

Genea said...

Lol Alice. Thanks so much! :D

Thanks Libellula!

Thanks so much Patti!

Thanks so much Lunedreams! Aww geez maybe I should have had your name my set.. stone from the abode of the Gods, sounds amazing!

Mmm me too! That pretty line on the clear is from adding silver leaf to the glass! I LOVE the look of it!

The pentagon was kind of a happy accident. Just playing around with the glass and just kept flattening and stamping ;)Yay! I'm excited I figured out something new and different ;) Never know where your inspiration will take ya!

Thanks again so very much for your kind words and such a wonderful over view of my work!

Thanks so much Gaea!!

xo Genea

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