Thursday, February 1, 2018

Do you First Friday? Come see us at Bead Boutique Kansas City from 5-8pm tomorrow!

Hello beautiful souls,

Are you ready?!  TGIF! Come on over and see us at Bead Boutique in Kansas City, MO from 5-8pm TOMORROW and get your bead on! We have been busily creating this pile of loot for your every design need! Here you can see the entire display. I will be restocking more sari silk and wooly wire(be sure to check out Nellie's current stock of wooly wire on her Etsy) for the show(not all pictured)! Don't forget your sweet hearts whomever they may be. Ladies and gents alike love to be showered with affections in the form of gifts. Make some jewelry for you and your tribe to show them you care. 

Did you love our "glass dabs" headpins?! We think they are such a fluid component to make so many designs. As you can see I have created a few simple pendants using the headpins like the heart, and swirl wave pendants. Infact I loved the swirl wave designs so much, I made one for our entire tribe of friends in their favorite colors(pictured above). Want to learn how to make your own? I will be at the event showing off how to create them(just ask). 

 I've even created some simple designs with our new beach beads and even added in a few of the beads I used tied into the sets! OMG did you see those BUBBLES?! Yep, there they are trapped inside the glass like a little ocean :D
Check out these simple beachy earrings. They are super light and a perfect compliment to our simple beachy necklace.
You are the WHOLE ocean in a drop glass headpins! If you can't get to the ocean, bring the ocean to you! OMG! Aren't they so pretty?! There is just something so calming and peaceful about them. These beads and headpins are BRAND SPANKIN' NEW and NO ONE has laid a finger on them yet, except for me! So be the first to get a hold of the ocean in your hands.

See you tomorrow!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea

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