Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wine, Dreads, and Spumoni Zebras!

Hello friends!

Here's what's been happening in my neck of the woods....

 Before the temps really started to drop on November 1st I had the pleasure of doing the "Wicked Wine Walk" with my friend, Ronnie. This is a wine tasting done in downtown Kansas City in the Power and Light district. You visit several restaurants, taste wine and eat little nibbles. As you can see we had one helluva time enjoying our wines and taking silly photos! 

Guess who got some dreads? Yep, ME! Aren't they AWESOME?! We have kind of been toying around with the idea since we live in Portland. Dreads sure aren't for the faint hearted. They are a TON of work. Lots of little maintenance for nice CLEAN dreads. Know what the best part about them is? I get to make LAMPWORK BEADS FOR MY HAIR :D Woot! 

I also didn't get to post my "Bronze Berry Bliss" series of purple and metallic bronze beads in the far right corner. They went SUPER FAST so I think there is only one pair of headpins left and 3 pair of lentils. I really LOVE the metallics and chemical reactions I got with the glass on that series.

I also spent some time playing around with new glass combinations and found when I paired silvered ivory with this awesome older batch of odd lots glass I got this super neato frito metallic mauve! I paired it with another odd lot of this really gorgeous yellow mint green with splashes of aqua. I called this series "Spumoni Zebras" since it kind or reminded me of the ice cream ;) I was excited to hear you all really have been digging the new styles. You can find them in my Etsy shop. 

Well this is all the goodness I have for you today, but I am "cooking" up some ROCKIN' new stuff in the studio!

See ya soon! Thanks for stopping by!

xo Genea


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