Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oxygen Check Engine Light and Sky Bleached Batiks

Hello friends!

I had intended this post to be souly about my new beads, but it turns out life decided to get more exciting... So let's start at where we are at this moment in time and work backwards.  So today I sit down to create. I pull out my glass and grab my nubbies of one of my colors to melt down and make into something usable. After all I am WAY overdue on ordering glass and have to  squeeze the last bits out of the glass I can. So I go to click on my oxygen concentrator(an essential part of my lampworking machinery) and I get a flashing red "service" light and beeping. 

So at any rate, my "check engine" light to my oxygen machine comes on and it's inoperable. Awesome.  Did I mention that this is my BACKUP concentrator? My "donut" tire, if you will. So what happens when your spare dies as well? Well, you cease to make beads. As you can imagine the panic sets in. I mean Bead Fest is HOWfar away? and HOW many beads to I have to make yet? oh and I have class beads to make too. *dies*

So what do we do after we panic and proclaim that the world is against us? We have sale, yep, that's right! a S-A-L-E! We tell our friends of our woes and ask them for their support by joining us in a sale to repair our broken equipment.

From now through July 11th(my birthday, YAY!) I will be offering up a 15% off sale in my shop here>> Use the coupon code "glass4oxy" at checkout to receive your discount! So this is a win, win for both of us. Not only have I just release these amazing, LIVE NUDE BEADS, but they are also on SALE! The sale will help me buy the necessary parts to fix my machinery and return to my regularly scheduled glassiness. See, yay for both of us! :D

Now about that moving from the present to the past thing. You can pretend it's like those movies that show you some strange blip and then start the story, only to re-show you the weird blip and then tie things together. Just like a big bow on a present!

So here we go...

So you see that bright band of color there? It's yellow, pale mint and turquoise? Yeah, that right there is what got my heart all a flutter. So I pulled out my glass and got to it on some more designs!

This is what the beads look like when you make them. Ugly huh, but with all beautiful things, it's what lies beneath.....
Partially cleaned. You can now start to see the design peeking through the muck.
Here they are the LIVE NUDE BEADS! Pretty sassy in the buff huh?! Isn't glass an amazing creature? May I introduce my "Sky Bleached Batiks" collection :) I had intended to sit down and make more of these awesome beads until my oxygen concentrator(oxy con, as we lampworkers call it) crapped out on me. Pretty breath taking huh?! I think I could still make a whole pile of these and not tire of them. So if you would like to see more of this glassy awesome. Stop on over to my sale and send some love my way ;)

I was kind of on this stone theme from last weeks update, which I failed to post here, oops!

These were last weeks treasures(there are still plenty in the shop). I am a dirty tease though, I did save the Orchid and Black beads for my Wooly Wire "One-oh-FUN" class for Bead Fest Philly. You can get all the details for class here.

Or you can just read it here ;) Be sure to sign up by using the link above ;)

Here is what we will be creating. Pretty sweet huh? If you have never used Wooly Wire, but want to dip your toes into the pool of fiber wire, you really should hop on over and take my class. We will start out with some basic steps and move into these gorgeous pieces.

If you haven't already, you may want to take a moment to sign up for my Genea Beads Bulletin Newsletter. You will find out about all things Genea Beads including: special subscriber only sales, new work, classes, shows and more!

Well I will have to bid you adieu for now. I'm off to tag and tie up the new beads so they can get ready to go to their new homes!

See you soon!

Much Love and Beady Goodness, 



Terri said...

I adore these beads! The colors, the finish....You do some really awesome work!

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