Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hoopin' and Bead Fest Prep

Hello friends!

I am always shocked by how fast the time has been flying by! I have been chained to my lampwork desk making beads like a crazy fool! I kinda freaked out when I laid out my trays to see what beads I wanted to make for the show. It doesn't look like much does it? Well not to worry! I have LOTS to make between now and then. I need to pull out my show table and get my set up all worked out as well so I can see how I want my display to look this year. It will be pretty similar to last years set up with a few changes ;)

 Infact I thought I would take a short break and offer up a tray sale on Facebook. Just a nice sampling of some of the beads I was making for the show all in one place. I did sell a good amount of these pretties yesterday, but there are still some amazing beads left!

Here is a shot of the entire lot of beads I had for sale yesterday.  Here is what I have left...

"Eye See You for All of the Beautiful Things You Are" Teal XL focal - $65
Rainbow Batiks "Teal" set of 7 - $64.50
Desert Serpent "Purple Peacock" Large focal - $38

Desert Serpent "Mermaid" Large focal - $38(Shiny, normally sold matte)

Desert Serpent "Mermaid" small set of 3 - $38(Shiny, normally sold matte)

From the Inside Out "Crimson" small set of 3- $38(ONE LEFT)

Spiral Earth Stones "Purple Velvet" stone textured small pair- $24(3 available)
Rainbow Batiks "Orchid Rose" set of 7 - $64.50(SOLD OUT)
Desert Serpent "Purple Peacock" small set of 3 - $38(SOLD OUT)
From the Inside Out "Sahara" small set of 3- $38(SOLD OUT)

Here's a shot of the back side of the beads.

I have also been working on getting my kits ready for my Wooly Wire "One-oh-FUN" class that is RAPIDLY SELLING OUT! So be sure to hop on in and grab yourself a spot for class. Details here. Here is a shot of the bundles of silk students will get to pick out for their class necklace.

Here are the designs we will be making in class in case you forgot what they looked like ;)

I've been making it a point to click pictures in my studio while I work. I forget that not everyone knows what it's like to be a lampworker. We do all of our daily routine stuff without a second thought. 

Here I have some colors laid out to make a sunflower bead for a dear friend. This is just the beginning step. I took more photos while I worked, but I will post those later( I gotta keep you coming back somehow, right? ;)

I have had the extreme pleasure of reconnecting with my dearest friend, Sean. I have enjoyed the pleasure of his company along with getting to watch him dance(Hooping technically). He is one of those people that has this thirst for life and is so full of light. One of my favorite things about him is his love of music. He is forever catching a beat and just moving to it. I really admire his free spiritedness. Here you can see him hooping at Drum Tribe this past Monday. Isn't he amazing?!

I have even been entrusted with one  of his very first hoops to learn myself. *Insert heart here*
It inspires me just watching the iridescence glide along the hoop as it moves :D

Here's to my new adventure....

xo Genea


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