Monday, June 30, 2014

New Work, NEW Designs, and RARE Glass Beads!

Hello friends!

Are you ready for some BRAND NEW DESIGNS? Some special ODD LOT GLASS BEADS? RED?

Well you are in for a treat! This was my haul from the studio this week. As you can see red still remained on my lampworking table.

Introducing our NEW designs: "Sarcophagus", "From the Inside Out", and "Mirage". The new pointed and swirled design in our "From the Inside Out" series represents the flow of energy, beauty, and love that flows from the inside out. This design was the foundation for all of the other designs we created this week. 

We started in red and moved onto electric lime green feeling like this design would compliment the color very well. As you can see it was a great success! We even pulled out some peacock pearl metallic glass too! Since we have to use our smaller torch the metallics come much more easily. We figured instead of cry over having to temporarily step down in torches we would work with it! 

All of these wondrous beads are NOW available in our Genea Beads shop!

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See you soon!

xo Genea


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