Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hooray for BEADS!

Hello friends!

Remember when I told you I made some beads at a friends studio the other day? Well I just loaded those up into the shop! It was just a small handful of beads, but it was nice to melt glass again after about a month( I can't believe it's been that long)!
Here is a shot of the new beads. Both of these styles will be featured in Step-by-Step-Wire July? 2014 issue :D 

I also FINALLY got a chance to list some goodies that I didn't get to list before I moved.
Here is the Q&D for those of you that don't have more time to read ;)

Beach Stone Rounds- "Sahara"- On occasion I do take requests for things. I made some chubby rounds(or rondelles) for a customer and had some extra so here they are. As you may know my "Sahara" beads are a favorite among myself and my customers. Normally you will see these in the form of my headpins, smaller coins and large coin beads.
 Mystic Moon & Sister Sun "Peach Persimmon"- You may remember these amazing batik style beads from last year. I LOOOOOOOOOOVED them and you all did as well(since they are no longer in my shop ;) This bead got nabbed up by Denise Peck at Bead Fest Philly last year so that is why you never saw it after the show. This is the front.
The back side.

"Rainbow Serpent Stick"- These beads always turn out so gorgeous. I wind up with many different color fades when I create these beads. I only got to make a few and they were different from my previous batches so they got different listings.

"Rainbow Serpent Stick"- See what I mean. This one has some really pretty pastels with some bright amber and cranberry :D

"Rainbow Urchin" clasp-Who doesn't love my sea urchin designs? I had to make some of these for another future magazine submission so I had lots of extras :D

Last, but not least... "Turbulent Tides Rainbow Urchin" heart focal- Um yeah, what a gorgeous bead huh?! I crammed all of the awesome I could possible get onto this bead: an urchin dot, twisted glittery waves of dichro, a rainbow serpent, some silvered ivory. Yum!!

I even got a chance to make my friend Melissa an amazing pair of earrings. Remember my "Loving Lotus Ray" earrings? Well this is that same style with different beads. Melissa loves ivory and orange so I picked out this combo just for her :)

Well that is all for me for now. I hope to get my studio up and running VERY soon. Stay tuned.

xo Genea


Carol Briody said...

Beautiful, all around! I love the earrings you made for your friend! You can come visit me anytime! I can supply coffee, barking (love-able!) doggies, Wubbers and WoolyWire!

glass bead journey said...

Beautiful beads! Love the colors

Crafty Gal Linda said...

I LOVE your beads!!

Genea said...

Thanks so much Carol! I really love them too! They turned out really pretty! I would love to, Carol! Sounds like a fantastic time! I'll be right over!!

Thanks so much gbj! xo Genea

Genea said...

Thanks Linda! I love you! xo Genea

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