Thursday, May 8, 2014

Random Jewelry Update!

Hello friends!

Don't you love it when you randomly decide to update your jewelry shop? Mine gets sadly neglected while I spend most of my time making beads, but today..... 

The Q&D view for all of you that don't want to read all of my text ;) 

"Shattered Surf Batiks"- Don't you just LOVE these?! I used my new "magic butter batik" beads and some of Marsha Neal's amazing crackle spiral free form rectangles. She referred to these earrings as "Soul mates for your ears" since the design just jumped together. 

"Space Age Pods" Maybe you remember seeing these in Bead Design Studio magazine January 2014? :D

 Swizzle Stick "Desert Cactus"- a sweet fanciful little twisted stick wrapped wooly wire and sari silk fibers on a recycled sari silk cord.
"Winged Ocean Spikes" Wow! Are these AMAZING, or what?! They are SUPER long and sassy! I took some really great shots too!

Like this one! Wow, huh?! I just love perspective shots! 

Whoa! Aren't those just so sultry?! *Grrrrr*

Well that's all for today!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo Genea


somethingunique said...

As always such wonderfully creative & unique designs...hope ya'll are enjoying your new home. .xox

Laura Blanck said...

Great creations!

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