Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Space-Age Earrings Tutorial in Bead Design Studio February 2014!

Hello friends!

Have you seen my tutorial in Bead Design Studio February 2014?! Pretty freakin' exciting! This is my first published jewelry tutorial. Way to take forever huh? Lol. I have to thank Pam for approaching me at Bead Fest Philly last year and signing me up for 4 tutorials. Had she not asked me to submit I still may never have done an article ;) 

So thinking about this post I think I should direct you to my Ending Wooly Wire tutorial first just incase you want some more details. You can check out the photo tutorial or video tutorial.

So first let's check out those headpins....
Here are the original headpins. Unfortunately I only had a bit of this glass so the few pairs I had sold very quickly. I had a great substitute(and I bet you didn't even notice!) below. The color is a bit more red pink thank these.

Here's  just a quick photo in the sun.

Here is the listing photo. So as you can see they are just a bit different. You can purchase your pair of headpins here Space-Age Pod Glass Headpins.

Here is my photo of the earrings for the tutorial. Super sweet huh?! These earrings are SO much fun to make and wear. They have amazing color, texture, negative space(my personal favorite!), and they are super light weight. The awesome thing about this tutorial is that it's easy, pretty, and you can do them with any shape glass headpins!

You will, of course need the Space-Age Wooly Wire to create this design. The color looks different in the magazine and in the photo, but it's the same one ;) Nellie makes some amazing wooly wire color ways so you will be totally addicted!  You may as well save yourself the trouble and order more than a few colors of wooly wire to create your designs! 

Karen was kind enough to write up an awesome little blog about the earrings on Wooly Wire Etc. You can check it out here. Thanks so much Karen, you ROCK! 

I didn't receive my magazine yet so my friend Rebecca was sweet enough to snap this quick tutorial photo for me! Sweet huh? I can't wait to see the magazine in person!

I would LOVE to see your earrings made with my tutorial! Please feel free to message me on facebook! I could even start a gallery on the Genea Beads Facebook page of your earrings! 

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! I love the way Pam and Joanna set up my tutorials. They start you out with a simple pair of earrings and each article you learn more of my  intricate wooly wire designs! 

Happy Creating!

xo Genea


Linda said...

I saw these in the magazine. They are so pretty and innovative. WTG Genea!

Genea said...

Thanks so much Linda! Just having some fun playing with wooly wire :D xo Genea

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