Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Jewelry in the Shop!

Hello friends!

Surely this should be some kind of record. I get an award or something, right? ;) I guess I just have had a bit more time at the apartment than usual. I am waiting for a big glass order to arrive so I am planning my studio trip around that.

I managed to get some perfect light for photos this morning. Some of these colors are so hard to photograph in direct sunlight. The nice cloudy sky provided some perfect pictures for todays jewelry pieces.
The "quick and dirty" post so you can skip to the next thing you happen to be doing online, but still get the jist of what is going on here ;)

"Ancient Tapestry" necklace-A gorgeous herringbone woven pendant with a stone textured pendant simple worn on recycled sari silk. A perfect everyday necklace.

"Ancient Tapestry" earrings- YUM, right?! These earrings are the perfect balance of bright and muted colors with that wonderful earthy feel from the fibers and stone textures. You may remember seeing these featured on the Wooly Wire Etc. page a little bit back.
"Tangled Rain"- Some gorgeous pale ice aqua recycled bottle drops are accented with some rain drenched muted blues,and yellows with some hints of warm brown and burgundy. These are done in the same style as my "Space-Age" earrings featured in Bead Design Studio February 2014. Isn't it amazing how different this design looks with a different color palette?

"Earth and Stars" earrings- A beautiful balance of greens and blues with earthy tones and splashes of bright vivid colors. These would go great with the "Love Earth" necklace!

Well that concludes my update for today. Never know when you will see me next. It may be soon considering my recent record ;)

xo Genea


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