Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NEW Beads, Clasps, and Jewelry!

Hello friends!

Well I am sad to say that *most* of the new beads are already sold from the Facebook preview, but some amazing clasps made their way into the shop! I even listed a necklace! Woo hoo! The winter sun is kinda cramping my style with the little ray of sunlight I get upstairs on the 3rd floor. I only get a few photos before I lose that little bit of sun. So wanna see the goodies??

Here's what you missed if you didn't manage to snag some of this awesomeness from Monday.

Here is a shot of all of the beads I created. A smaller batch for my normal haul, but I had some other things I needed to make this time around that are not pictured here. I was so pleased with my haul! I am really diggin' this half shiny, half stone oceany feel. So high maintenance to do the stone finish, protect the shiny surface, and clean, but so worth it!

Here's a closer look. UM... YUM!! So pretty huh?!
Here's a closer look at those headpins. The top and rainbow buttons are shiny and the bottoms are stone textured finish and matte. I really love the look! I totally dig the aqua bottoms too! 

So what is still available?

I managed to make some more clasps since I needed to make a clasp for my latest tutorial magazine submission. I took that time to make a few extra clasps. I did the "Desert Jewel" clasp you have seen in the past, a new "Midnight Jewel" with a black base, and I got to try out a Sea Urchin clasp!

"Desert Jewel" s-clasp- Wow just look at all of that rainbow goodness! 

"Midnight Jewel" s-clasp- sometimes things are just as gorgeous on black. I was excited to give this clasp a black base since so much of my work is on a black or ivory base it's nice to have both.

"Rainbow Urchin" s-clasp- If you've seen my sea urchin beads then you know what to expect with this clasp. It's a mini version of the amazing sea urchin textured pools you will see on the focal beads. Just mesmerizing! 

"Love Earth"- You may have recognized this piece from earlier in the year. I went back and re-worked the design and I am SO happy with the new results. The necklace has some wonderful balance and negative space going on. It lays so nicely across the neck and is fairly light weight for it's "bulky" look. 

Well that is all for today. Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo Genea


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