Thursday, October 11, 2012

New in the shop- "Bright Earth" Weeny Dings and "Rainbow Spiral" S-Clasps!

Hello friends!

I was really excited to update the shop today! I cranked out some more wonderful weeny dings in your favorite color palette, "Bright Earth" and got a wonderful selection of S-LG "Rainbow Spiral" s-clasps in the shop!

Since it's been awhile, here is a refresher of the size of "Weeny Dings". 

"Bright Earth" Weeny Dings. I just LOVE this tiny size in my(and your) favorite color palette! Perfect for so many things like earrings, dangles or whatever design tickles your fancy!

Check out this GORGEOUS design by Lorelei! I just love her tin focal with the weeny dings! Here is a link to the bracelet.

Here are the "Rainbow Spiral" S-Clasps. Sizes are from left to right: Small, Schmedium(what else do you call an inbetween size?!), Medium, and Large.
Here is a look at the sizes in my hand .

So you know the whole reason I had an idea to create this clasp was for a new design, right?! Here you can see the clasp in action! Patinated chain is by Karen Totten.

Here is my new design that will be going in my jewelry shop soon( You can also look forward to seeing my NEW "Ocean Serpent Egg" focals in the shop coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a fantastic remainder of the week!

xo Genea


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