Friday, October 19, 2012

Genea C-K jewelry shop update! Breast Cancer Awareness jewelry.

Hello friends!

I am excited to FINALLY be updating my Genea C-K jewelry shop! I even spend a good chunk of the day yesterday creating an awesome banner and avatar :D I decided to divide up my Etsy shops to better accommodate my customers. I have SO much stuff to add to the shop it's not even funny! Can you believe the holidays are RIGHT around the corner??!

This post will also help give you some ideas of what to create with my breast cancer awareness beads as well :) I even made another collage with pic monkey

Here is a collage of all of the jewelry I just listed. Isn't it so pretty in it's nice little pink template :D

"Boobies" earrings. I must say I was really excited to make these. They are simple, but so cute. I wore some out the other day and I was surprised no one said a thing! Dang! Well maybe you will be more lucky when you wear yours out on the town! ;)

"Pink Ribbon Boobies" bracelet- This fun little bracelet has some wonderful accents: a boobie dot headpin, a pink ribbon headpin, some super sweet pink weeny dings and a spiral pink ribbon spacer :D 

"Pink Ribbon Boobies" necklace. I really love this piece. It's super simple, but just a perfect design. So comfortable to wear. 
Here you can see how you can adjust the necklace to be longer or shorter with the adjustable chain in the front ;) I wanted to add this element to the front to show off the clasp and the sweet dangle at the bottom really just finishes it off.

"Pink Ribbon" earrings. Just a nice little simple pair of pink ribbon earrings. Not too fussy and not too long. Perfect for every day wear ;)

"Pink Ribbon Pixies" Just a little twist on the pink ribbon design with a few extra pinks and a little bit more dangle. super cute! 
To finish off some amazing jewelry an equally amazing wrapping! Each piece will come in a larger box like this or a smaller size box with pretty pink tissue and a pink tied ribbon :D

Now how's that for service?!

Thanks for checking out my new jewelry!

Happy Friday!

xo Genea


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