Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bead Soup inspired beads in the shop!

Hello friends!

Well I am super excited about my new designs for the 5th Bead Soup Blog Party! I got to creating some wonderful beads for my designs and thought I would make some extras to share!  I even got into some ACID! Well maybe not the type that first comes to mind ;) I think you will just LOVE my new gooides, I know I do!
Here are the soup beads from Heather that inspired me for this new run of beads. 

Ok so you are confused as to why I'm sharing my bead inspiration here instead of on reveal day? Well you all know I am a details person and on the hop day my posts tend to get really long with details. I figured I would break it up this way and share about the beads now and the finished designs for the post date in an attempt to keep my blog short(ha ha).
Here is used our lovely transparent hot pink glass, Rubino Oro(Ruby Gold). I did the stripey design first, but it was too design oriented and Heather's beads are much more organic in style. I did my "Dersert Serpent" design since I thought it would be a lovely compliment to Heather's soup beads. 
Now here is where the excitement comes in. I loved the Hot pink above for my design, but in my opinion it's not so pretty etched. So I picked out of my very FAVORITE Messy glass colors, Mermaid. If you zoom in on the pic you can see the difference in shiny and etched. Oh and did you notice that the bubble button dot is SHINY?! >:D  Heather's teal bead is this cross of turquoise and teal so I knew that Mermaid was my color choice since it's also a teal, but more on the blue end.  I thought I would etch the glass to get it closer to matching Heather's beads. 

I love the mix of shiny and matte so I put a layer of nail polish over the bubble button dot to protect it from the etching acid. You let the polish dry, etch the bead and then remove the nail polish. VIOLA! Shiny and etchy bead = SUPER SWEET!

So that leads us to the new goodies in the shop!
Desert Serpent Jewel- Ok so this one was actually inspired by my bead swap with Staci of Artisan Accents.  Back for our bead swap she asked if I made the "Desert Serpent" beads in a focal size. Oh, well no, but that's a great idea! So here it is, only with a Jewel dot center :D

Desert Serpent Jewel "Tourmaline"- Can't decide? Love "little bits". Well here ya go! A little of everything in matte and shiny!

Speaking of Tourmaline, did you see the bracelet Malin made with my wing ding in tourmaline colors?
Pretty huh? :)

Desert Jewel "Mermaid" Mmmm yummy matte and shiny! So pretty!

Desert Serpent Jewel "Mermaid"- Focal size! Woo hoo!

Desert Serpent Jewel "Mermaid" set. "normal" size lentils in a set of 3. Yummo! 

Well I suppose I should get going. Mom has been patiently waiting to go on a walk with me today. It's so beautiful and sunny outside and in my basement room it's FREEZING! Time to go thaw in the sun! See you soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

xo Genea


somethingunique said...

Ogally boogally...guess whos back!!! As usual all of your creations are super fabu....nice to see a full size pic of you and your honey poo...such a sweet couple...ttyl xox

Silver Charm Bracelet said...

I love the style and colour of the beads...beautiful shades specially the mermaid ones...and the soup of the ensemble has also come out very well.

Lori Anderson said...

you SO rocked it!

Genea said...

Hey Lana!! Welcome to my blog in HD! Thanks so much, you are so sweet! Awww, yeah we're kinda cute huh? :D xoxo

Thanks SCB! Isn't this color fantastic? It's sooo pretty before it's etched as well. I am SO excited to reveal my designs! I hope you'll come back to see them on the reveal date :)

Lori, you're awesome! If you think the beads are amazing the finished designs are going to BLOW your socks off!

xo Genea

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