Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day- The last minute shop update.

Hello friends!

Well I am behind. Surprise... With moving and everything I really didn't get to make the amount of hearts I wanted to have in the shop for Valentine's Day :( Bummer! I did manage to squeak out a few and some hearty headpins as well, so I guess they will have to do, right?!

You remember the Bead Soup I made for Heather, right? Well her color scheme bled into this next heart design ;)
"Tropical Crush" Lots of super BRIGHT colors for this drab time of year.

"Desert Serpent Love's Flight" You might remember the super amazing heart I made for Staci for our bead swap? Well if you don't it was pretty similar to this little beauty right here.

"Eye love hugs and kisses" Who would I be if I didn't so something with eyes, right?! Well I did just that for this design! Now normally I like to do my eyes with blue or green cause well I have brown and they just really aren't that exciting to me(always want what we don't have ;), but I thought brown might really compliment the red so there ya go!

"Rainbow heart streamers" Ok so I must admit. These have been made for awhile, but one of the original ones was kinda small for the set. I had to wait for my glass order to add the last one and I sure am glad I did. The lime cane glass is much brighter than the last batch I had :D

Well  I hope you have a happy hearty day with your sweet heart and if you don't have a sweet heart, you can always cuddle up to your beads like I will be doing this Valentine's day ;P

xo Genea


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