Monday, October 31, 2011

Too many facets

Hello friends!

Do you have too many facets too? I have come to realize that lately I do so many things that I have too much variety in my business. Strange problem to have huh? I guess I just never want to get bored or feel trapped by just doing one thing. I have SO many great ideas and it's like each one of them could be it's own business!

Learning this about myself makes me happy because it means I am very creative. Instead of being able to work in just one medium I can work in many and surprising to me I am quite skilled at it as well. I do excel more in some areas than others for sure.

So where am I going with this? Well I will be sort of doing my first business related project. By business I mean I will be creating something in glass for another business in their theme!

So what is this new project?  I am creating some pet themed necklaces and keychains for Advanced Animal Care of Colorado! 

So a little side story on how we got hooked up... Ricky's mom works for Dr. Steyn at the clinic. They were brain storming what item they could give to their clients that had lost a beloved pet. My MIL suggested that they contact me to do some pet themed items. I was very excited to be asked to create a special piece for their clients! 

So to begin I created a variety of designs for them to choose. So off to work I went and these are the ideas I came up with...
With my love of mixed-media elements I chose to use some Scrabble game tiles. I did my first scrabble style game tile in this fashion for my design in this years BSBP Sept 2011 . This first design is a "C" for Cat and a "D" for dog. I sealed images on the back sides where the larger paw print is on the dog keychain and the smaller prints are on the cat keychain.

The next design was the same cat and dog theme, but with distressed tiles and different images. The dog pendant has a fire hydrant and the cat pendant has a cartoon kitty.

Next were my glass pendants. Since dog and cat pads are the same these designs worked for both. Paw prints on the front and hearts on the back.

Finally I created some simple designed keychains geared more for male clients. Paw prints on the front and simple polka dots on the back side.
What are other facets in your creative business?

xo Genea


pam ferrari said...

I love them all but the key chain with your glass and the paw print are my favorite.

Genea said...

Thanks Pam!

The photos side by side show the front and back of the pieces. They decided to go with the ivory and black paw prints and bases in necklaces and keychains :) Nice and neutral for all :)

Cindy said...

Oh, I thought the letter was for the name of the pet.........I love your ideas! Here (in the boonies) our monument company makes grave markers for pets, it's a little metal plate on a metal stick that goes into the ground. I deliver them to co-workers in the city. I think they only charge $15 for them.

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