Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A name for change...

Hello friends!

So last night I consulted with a fellow Etsian from our PDX group. Her expertise is marketing so I was interested what she might be able to suggest for my business. I need to make a few decisions about some things and the first of which is what to name my jewelry side of my business. Any ideas? I had wanted to come up with some awesome way to present this as a game with a prize, but alas I have not.

BUT.... How about this... How about if I pick your name idea I will send you some goodies? Sound like fun?! I mean who doesn't love beady goodies?

So what I am thinking of is maybe some sort of fun name, something punny maybe? I love clever things like that. My other "handle" is "Eye Do Glass, " but that doesn't really encompass everything as far as my jewelry is concerned. I figure maybe since you all can see things on the "outside" you probably have some wonderful ideas that I can't see.

My jewelry style is mixed-media and I love to use recycled items to make sweet stuff. I LOVE to use bright colors and use components in surprising new ways.. (does this totally sound like a personals ad?! lol)
So what name ideas have you got for me? :)

xoxo Genea


Beadbug said...

I decided early in my glass life to just go by my given name. After reading LE and other sites the main people who do beautiful work are not known by a studio name but just by their given name. My Etsy is my name but I have a cute blog name to tell folks just what I do. This also gives you license as an artist to change styles and focus since you are not locked into a cute name that won't fit again in 5 years.

Cinderelish said...

Your name is beautiful, I think it would be perfect for a jewelry line. It would also be nice and tiny to include on tags and such. My vote is "Genea".

Genea said...

Thanks for your input Bead bug! That is such a wonderful point and I totally agree. I was lucky to get a very unique name so it really is perfect for my business name.

I have just realized that I need to split up my "Genea Beads" into Jewelry and lampwork separately so I thought maybe I should use something different, but related for the Jewelry name. "Genea Beads Jewelry" just seems pretty boring yanno?

Thanks Cindy, you are so sweet :D My Etsy shop is already "Genea Beads"(actually genea.etsy.com as I didn't really plan on opening a shop when I made the shop name ;)

xo Genea

Skye said...

While looking over your jewelry I keep getting the word 'snazzy', but I believe BeadBug is right. You can give a line of your designs a cute name or your blog a cute name, but it's better to go with something more professional for the shops.

By separating the two aspects of your work, perhaps leave your jewelry under Genea Beads, and name your lampwork shop Eye Do Glass lol

Genea said...

Hey Skye!

I agree, she makes a wonderful point!

Lol, you know I was thinking that as well, but they are both "glass" related like they would fit better for a shop that has lampwork beads versus a shop that has my jewelry made with lampwork beads yanno?

This is why I was trying to figure out a name that would kind of cover all of my jewelry/art stuff in the name so people would know exactly what was in my shop by the title :/ Who knew this would be so hard! ;P

Thanks so much for your input :)

maryharding said...

How about Genea's GlassJazz.. I think naming is hard. And this just popped into my head!! Love all your work.

Anonymous said...

What about just Genea's Gems or Genea's Jewels? Either can mean individual beads you create up to the treasures you create with them. You have such a unique name that already can hold it's own, any addition should only compliment it, leaving the focus on your real name.
Kim Hil
(just happened to pass thru from a link on LA's blog)

Genea said...

Yeah, naming can be hard for sure Mary! I agree! Thanks so much for your input! Love yours too!!

Hey Kim!

Thank you for your post!
I have had a few people on Facebook suggest those as well. I think the problem with that name is that it would sound like I sell gemstones on the page, but I did like the "G G" word think for sure ;)

LA's blog?? I'm not sure who that is, but I'm glad you found me and please tell them thank you! :)

xo Genea

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