Monday, April 4, 2011

Peace, Tranquility & Harmony on the Waves of the Ocean

Hello friends!

I am excited to be typing up this post. Ever get inspired by something you have made? Did it inspire you to make many pieces? Did you have just the perfect things to match? Well I did on all accounts so I was enamored with the results! These pieces lead us to my next shop update below :)

"Peace, Tranquility & Harmony"- She is the one that "started it all". I have been saving her for something special and this seemed like the perfect creation for her. I based all of the other bead designs and colors below on her :)

I love this quote too. It came from one of my tea labels. I have always loved quotes and words of wisdom. The image and quote just seemed perfect for each other :)

"Waves of Wisdom"- I matched every hue I could see in the charm to these glass colors. I was SUPER excited to use some of Creation is Messy's new glass colors: Appletini, Atlantis, and Rainforest :D I just LOVE their opal glass. It's SOOOO pretty!
"Waves of Love"- while making the lentils to match I had this fantastic idea to create a heart with twists and ruffly waves. I am so pleased with this design and photo. This really is a PHENOMENAL  bead!

A perfect twist in the center of the back to complete the design while allowing the back to be mostly smooth and comfortable to wear. I rarely put textured design on the backs of my beads for this reason.
Wing Dings "Waves"- of course you knew I had to make wing dings too. The really amazing thing about photographing in the sun is that not only does it flatter the glass the best, but these colors are a PITA to photograph indoors. The colors always geek out the camera and come out all wrong. Also you can see how the different styles of beads effect the colors of the glass. Notice that the colors are darker pressed like this than the ones that are encased? Very cool!
"Ocean Droplets" glass headpins- DUH, you knew I would make some of these, right?! I mean how can you have all of these pretty matching beads without the matching headpins?! :D
"Ocean Opal"- Mmmm Kryptonite, one of my very FAVORITE CiM colors! I just love this dreamy seafoam opal. It's SOOO pretty! You know what is a design without a few matching spacers too?!

Ok now we are going to do a little exercise. Ok close your eyes, wait, no read this first, then close your eyes ;) Ok so... close your eyes, now envision these beads, now envision a super fantastic mixed-media necklace with all of these parts. Pretty f*ing amazing huh? ;P  That's what I think of when I see all of these parts. I mean they could all work together separately, but they sure are pretty together!

Well here it's been over a month already since Ricky has been in Portland. It has been a "short" time, but it does feel like he has been gone for a long time. 

Weird how that is huh? I have been doing pretty well since he's been gone, but I sure do miss him. I do feel like I have a part of myself missing. It's like losing an appendage. Sure you could live without one arm, but it just doesn't feel quite right, yanno? A little piece of my heart is missing. 

On a similar note I have been "weeding" out here at the house. I have had it on my mind as I have been drifting into sleep. If I didn't already tell you, we are going to "dump" everything except for studio stuff, the computer and of course, the dogs.

Now why would we do that? Well Portland is exactly 1,794 miles away. Here is the map so you can truly appreciate the distance properly ;) HOLY CRAP! Driving time is 1 DAY AND 4 HOURS! So now think about gas prices, and renting a truck. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah... meh. It's crazy expensive. Honestly we have a lot of things we have acquired and nothing that's so important we can't live without it yanno? The purge will be nice for so many reasons. I mean why spend 4k to haul old crap when you could spend 4k on new stuff?! Exactly! 

So weeding, weeding, is what I'm doing. Mom and I are going to have a garage sale and then donate the rest. If you think about it, that means less to pack and that totally makes it easier to clean! 

WHAT?! Seriously, you're moving and going on a vacation?! Well sort of... Ricky's dad is graduating with his masters in Seminary so they are flying us out to Denver, CO for 4 days to celebrate! It's also going to be Ricky's sister, Amie's B-day. So they are flying all of us from Kansas City, to Cincinatti, to Portland to all be together in Denver/Fort Collins to celebrate :) So not only will it be amazing to have the family together, but I will also get to see Ricky in 39 days!!  Not only that, but after seeing each other for that quick vacation just a few more weeks and he will be here with me in KC to move! Woo hoo!

Well I suppose I should be off.... I still have many things to do today including motivating myself to either make beads still or go on a walk even thought it's 48 when yesterday it was 90. Blegch. lol

Have a wonderful week!

Much love,



somethingunique said...

Hi Genea, all of those beads and headpins are so pretty those blues are my fav colors besides blacks of course i can't seem to get enough of black hope all goes well with your move and i think you have the right idea with the out with the old and get some new isn't it amazing the things we aquire ove the years lol ttfn L:)

Pretty Things said...


Genea said...

Thanks L! Mmmm I love me some aquas and teal too! Thanks so much. I'm sure it will all be awesome. We are just kind of at one of those places where we can only work ahead so much yanno?

Thanks Lori! :D

maryharding said...

Gorgeous heart!! Gorgeous color. So good to get the update on your move. Not so far away now!! Thanks for visiting my blog last week. Love hearing from you.

Genea said...

Thanks Mary :) They really have outdone themselves with this color, haven't they?!

Yes, it feels like it's slowly progressing which is nice. Yay! I can't wait. This living apart is kind of a bummer ;)

Sure thing! I love hearing from you as well. Glad to stop by and see what's brewing from your creative brain :)

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