Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where the hell have you been???


Hello friends!

How are ya? Don't worry, I have not forgotten about you :)

So I guess it's safe to tell you what's been going on now. Lately my plans have been changing by the minute. Crazy for a planner type personality. So what's the news and where have I been?

Well incase you didn't know, Ricky is working in Portland, OR while I am here in Kansas City, MO. The original plan was for him to come back and help me move out of our rental house and then to Portland once our lease is up. So what's changed? Well I got a chance to talk with our land lords and asked to get end our lease a bit early. They were super awesome and agreed. I will be MOVING into mom and dad's for the remaining time that we originally planned to leave(end of May).

Why this sudden move? Well it's been super challenging to run a house hold with 2 dogs on my own. Mad props to the single mom's out there, or everyone else running shit on their own!  So we decided it would be best to make a quick move into mom and dad's so that we could save up some money more quickly to tie up loose ends in KC and move on time. So I have been busily packing up what I'm taking(my studio, bed and just a few kitchen items), listing on Craig's list, and moving stuff over to mom's car loads at a time. 

I decided on a week's time to get this all done because 3 weeks really is way too long to drag this on. So anyways, long story short, I've been doing all of the moving stuff to get into mom and dad's. So this is why you have not seen any listings or heard from me here.

I hope to get moved, and get this place cleaned and cleared by weeks end. I will be re-setting up my studio over at mom's as well, so you will see new work from me before my move.

So since picture posts are much more fun, I will leave you with some designs I have created over the last little bit :)
Stephanie's necklace.
Kathy's necklace. You may have seen bits and pieces of this on BTW, but if not. Here is the completed necklace :) I love how it turned out! I had been planning it for quite some time and am so pleased with the results!
My sister's 25th birthday is today. Being an artist people generally get creative gifts from me. I asked my sister what she would like for her birthday this year to give me an idea as to where I should start. She said she would like a sister themed wall art or a wing ding necklace. Being a gifter I couldn't help doing both! 
I was excited to go to Kinko's and have them resize my photos in mere minutes on beautiful quality photo paper(don't use real photos for soldering, they will melt!).

My sister's most recent favorite colors are purple and turquoise. I used BE glass for her heart since I had some really gorgeous purples. The charm photo is one of us smiling and hugging and one of us making faces. My sister and I have this things where we randomly make eye contact and make crazy faces at each other. Why do we do this? I don't know,but we do and it's silly, so the charm is showing the silly faces side. I attached a lobster claw so that you can flip the image to which ever you choose. I finished off the designs with "sis" in a soldered charm with scrabble tiles. "Sissy" would have been pushing it. You can tape around the tiles to spell words, but it's harder to keep a nice smooth soldered line the longer the text gets.
Anyways, there is the not so quick blip of where I have been all this time.  See you soon! The rough part is almost over!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Much love,



maryharding said...

Love Stephanie's necklace, the colors the chunkiness the originality. Glad the moving is going well. We can be patient. Hearing from you is always so cool.

Genea said...

Hey Mary! It's always so nice to hear from you :)

Thanks! It's very her earthy style meshed with my mixed-media. I was excited about the loopy part of the design.I didn't realize those beads were double holed until I began stringing them!

Me too! I will be so glad when I am moved in over at mom's so I can make some freakin' beads!

You're so sweet! Glad I havn't lost people in the silence ;)

Much love,


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