Monday, January 17, 2011

Week in Review- Happenings in the Genea Beads studio

Hello friends!

So I wondered about doing a blog like this once a week to re-cap everything that's happened. This is where I would tell you about things I didn't get into an earlier week post or new things that have been listed if you missed the posts on my Genea Beads Facebook page.

Enjoying some gift cards.....

Ricky and I went out enjoying more of our gift cards from his parents this weekend. We stopped over at our local Starbucks to get some yummy coffee :D
I took a picture of the sign. If you may not have heard our beloved Starbucks siren is getting a make over. Starbucks re-did their logo and simplified her. 
 Here I caught Ricky enjoying a sip of his tasty drink :D

It turns out we had not been to Starbucks in a quite awhile since they entirely re-vamped the inside. It looks really classy. On the wood panel wall is a display of Casi Cielo, which is AMAZING, I might add! It's "in season" at the moment. Since it has notes of lemon and cocoa I thought it might be pretty amazing to pair it up with my very favorite Green & Blacks Organic hot cocoa!
Here is my recipe: 3c filtered water, 3Tbs Starbucks Casi Cielo coffee, 4tsp Green & Blacks Organic hot cocoa, splash of milk. Probably the BEST cafe mocha I have EVER had! :D 

Love and loss.....
This past week on January 6th one of my best friends, Elizabeth Estes-Steed left this world at the age of 32. Our friends came together to celebrate her life. What a tragedy to lose someone so young :( My heart goes out to our friends, her family, her husband and children. To celebrate her life my friends and I have been adding whatever pictures we have of her to our facebook pages. Here is one of my favorite pictures of us. It's one of those self-taken photos in a car that are extreme close ups ;)
This is a photo of a photo so it's not the best quality, but I didn't have a scanner.
Here is a picture of us at a local rave from a few years back. Beth is on the far left in the green zip-up, then me, my sister, Nina and our friend Alexis.

My dear friend, you will be missed.

Bead Soup by Lori Anderson...
I have had the pleasure of attending this current addition of bead soup by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things.
My partner is the very talented and sweet, Mary Harding!  She makes the most beautiful glass and clay pieces! I can't wait to get some of her pieces in the exchange! Here is a link to her website so you can see more of her pieces. OMG she has such lovely pieces it would take the rest of this blog to post links to ALL of them! Be sure to snoop around her page and check out her work!

New to Etsy....
So if you are just making it to the page as you read this you may have missed some items already. I have been offering medium sized Vortex Flowers that have been sneaking out of the shop. I have another one to offer,but need to head to the studio today to work on Mary's bead soup pieces. 

I did finally get a chance to list the Vortex Flower Necklace and earrings! There are also some spacers to check out as well.

Current work....
I have so much stuff lying around it's retarded! I have loads of things to be photographed and to be listed. I have also been working on some beads for the Beadwork Spring Stringing 2011 issue! Lorelei submitted a few pieces with my beads, so you can expect to see those in the shop when the magazine hits the shelf.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the beads and findings!
 Spotty spacers in earthy tones.
 A spotty coffee cup.

Spotty dotty glass headpins on copper wire.

One of my "Gravity Bubble" hollows.

Collaborative projects.....
I was excited to be working on another project with my friend, Evan Youngblood! So yell at Evan since the only link I have for his is his facebook page that says NOTHING about what he does, his talent or any other information!  Together Evan and I will  be working on color testing for Creation is Messy. I have been lucky enough to pass of the photography to the pro!

I also have the pleasure of working with Amy Freeland of Green Bead on Etsy and Copper Diem on Blogger. I am excited to see what she creates with the beads I sent. Unfortunately I didn't photograph the beads before sending so we will have to nicely ask Amy to snap a photo for us :) She makes some lovely pieces! Go on over to her shop and see what lovey items she has for Valentine's day!

Well I must be off! It's time to eat some breakfast and head down to the studio!

See you soon!

Much love,



Lorelei Eurto said...

Busy times!
I am sorry to hear about your friend!

Genea said...


Thanks Lorelei :)

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