Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Hello friends!

 So I finally get to show you what I made for Ricky! It was the thing I was REALLY excited about when I made it, but couldn't post here or on FB so I wouldn't ruin the surprise!

Ok so I will explain what each piece is so you can really appreciate the piece.  I used one of those old frames I found at mom's house forever ago and upcycled it into this piece. I soldered scrabble letters of Ricky and my initials "R" and "G". In the middle hangs a polka dotted heart of our two favorite colors together. His is baby blue and mine is lime green. It's a little hard to see in the photo, but if you click on it it will make it's actual size in another window.  Hanging from the heart is a soldered charm I made at my very first soldered charm class. The soldering was God awful so I re-soldered it and added a lobster claw to the top so that you can clip the charm on either side to show your favorite picture. The photo on the left was one of Ricky's favorite pictures of us from our engagement pictures. On the right is a picture of Ricky and me that I loved because it was one of the very first pictures we took together just before we started dating.

This January 7th, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! We got married in Fort Collins, Colorado at the Vineyard church. We were married by his mom and dad since they are both pastors. It was very special to us to have them both be part of the ceremony :) If you would believe it, it was actually 70 degrees that day!
Here is one of the photos of us. Unfortunately we didn't get all of the rolls of film developed, but of the ones we did develop this was one of our favs. This is a photo of a photo since I didn't have a scanner.
My mom made the dress out of a type of rough silk with little white pearls sewn to it. I am wearing a lampwork necklace I made especially for the wedding :D

This isn't the most amazing photo of the necklace, but you kind of get the idea. The lobster clasp actually clipped to where you see the cluster of pearls, crystals and lampwork bead dangle. I had to coil it to get it to get the necklace to fit into a squarish picture.

 Here is where I get to  share the fun things Ricky and I have got to do on and around our anniversary!

The day of our anniversary our friend and best man, Lucas invited Ricky and me out to eat at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in down town KC!
Here is a shot of the front door. Sung Son is a Vietnamese Bistro in the West Port area of Kansas City.
What is a good blog without tempting looking food porn? Here were some of the smackrels I got from the bistro buffet(moving clockwise). So when I say buffet this is not like the crappy Chinese food ones. Everything is very fresh and delicious! On my plate I have a spring roll, curry chicken, ginger chicken, shrimp pad thai, my VERY favorite Vietnamese meal(bun thit nuong) a grilled pork "bowl", I forget what the other thing was and a Vietnamese egg roll, way better than the Chinese kind ;)
Their buffet also included their "noodle bowls" as well. They have 12 different soups from which to choose. I got the spicy beef bowl. I just LOVE all of the fresh herbs they use in Vietnamese cooking! My other favorites are Thai, and Japanese(sushi) :D I may quite possibly have been Asian in a former life. I swear it could eat Asian food all day every day!
Here I made Lucas and Ricky smile with their meals instead of pictures of them eating them. Ever notice it's kind of gross to see photos of people actually in the act of eating? You generally get really goofy looking shots of them in the middle of chewing or something!  lol
Here you can see Ricky with his nummies :)

Afterward we walked to a local t-shirt shop where they carry artists screen printed t's. I thought this sign was SOOO funny :D This is my type of humor. I like really obscure things and sarcasm :D

Yesterday we received our gift from my friend Jan! It was SUPER exciting to get a yummy Olive Garden gift card from her in the mail! We ate lots of yummy things, but we were so hungry I forgot to take pictures of everything!
I looked for some coupons on-line before we went out and found one for a free appetizer! We ordered the sampler appetizer with the:stuffed mushrooms, fried ravioli, and the cheese sticks.

 I ordered the lasagne rollata al forno! It is lasagne noodles stuffed with: ricotta, mozzarella, asiago, parmesan and romano cheese. Topped with mozzarella and seasoned breadcrumbs, baked in five cheese marinara. OMG, is all I have to say! It was SOOOOOO delicious!

Ricky got the gluten free pasta with meat sauce. For desert we shared a little cup of their Picatta Dolcini with Amaretto and Tiramisu! YUM!

Today in the mail we just received some gift cards from Ricky's parents! We got a gas card to shell(wow! They must have known we were just about out of gas), a card to Starbucks(how did they know I JUST ran out of coffee?!) and a card to Outback Steak house! I wish I could say we were going out tonight, but Ricky is fasting today and has to work at 6pm. 

We will do our celebrating tomorrow after he goes to his interview at this amazing gym in Overland Park, KS called Lifetime Fitness. 
I KNOW he is going to ROCK this interview! We are planning on them telling him he has the job after the interview :D He has already done the pre-lim interview and is doing one of their hands-on interviews. They gave him 3 case studies and he had to make a work out for each. They will choose one of them and then he will run one of their trainers through the work out as his interview! I am SOOOO excited for him! Please be sending your most very positive vibes and prayers to us tomorrow!

See you soon!

Much love,


P.S. I forgot to tell you that the other love of my life's anniversary just came up as well! On January 3rd I celebrated my 7 years of lampworking! :D


Copper Diem said...

That gift is gorgeous, and that food looks soooooo good.

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary! I am praying Ricky got the job, I love the necklace you made. WEst Port is my favorite place, I haven't been to Pryde's in forever. I love that store!!!

Genea said...

Amy, Thanks so much! I really enjoyed making it for him :) OMG it was SOOOO GOOD! Yum!

Cindy,Thanks! Thanks for your prayers! I think he is going to nail it!Thanks so much :D Yeah, I love Westport. Lots of cool stuff. I have not been to Pryde's in forever. I used to go there with mom :)

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