Thursday, December 2, 2010

Silliness, Inspiration, and the Holidays

Hello friends!

I had some silly things to share with you so here we are :)

 Yesterday was the day of inspiration. I had SO many ideas it was retarded. I scribbled them all down in one of my many inspiration journals I have lying around the house. So I wanted to share the words of the day with you. Yes, there ended up being two. 

Word 1. Inspiration Barf- to verbally vomit creative ideas onto another person in an excited fashion with hand gestures, smiles and lightning fast talking.

Word 2. Glass Juggling- the act juggling hot glass in the form of lampworking while talking on the phone.

Do you ever get all of these wonderful ideas and find yourself alone with not a human in sight to share your ideas with? My husband has the car most times for school and work and I work at home so that usually means that I spend the day with myself. Normally this isn't really a big deal. I find it distracting sometimes to have other beings in my creative space with the buzz of tv's and other distractions going on. On the days that you are full of ideas it is essential to your existence to share them with another. This is where "Inspiration Barf" came about. I love my husband for many reasons, but I especially love him when he lets me "barf" my creative ideas on him. This usually entails him sitting on the couch uttering "mmm hmmm's" and occasionally getting a word in inbetween my short pauses of creative verbal vomit :)
The "Glass Juggling" came about when I was working on beads yesterday and Melissa had called. Now most of the time when the phone rings and I'm working I leave it unless it's Ricky. I figure if the earth is crumbling in on itself and I would have known about it by answering the phone then it's just natural selection at it's best. I figure most things can wait. So whilst you are "glass juggling" you may not fully understand all of the conversation going on, in which case it might have just been better if you hadn't answered the phone because usually you will have to call that person back and re-ask questions about the earlier conversation. There is something about keeping glass on a mandrel and not burning yourself in the process that takes more brain power than listening. Self preservation, I guess ;)

Anyways, I was just in a really good mood and thought I would share my silliness with you.  I really wish I could share what I was making, but for fear that the surprise might be ruined for the recipients I have to wait to post that information. I will say it's just marvelous(ooo I never use that word. I bet you are tired of amazing and incredible huh? lol). I am SOOOO excited to gift them. Yes, I know. I was NOT supposed to be gifting, but when the ideas come through like a flood you just HAVE to do something about them, don't you?

So speaking of glass I just got a forward from Bullseye about their new ODD LOTS. OMG, no OMG... *sighs* I want one of everything! Ok so here is the Special Production Rods list as of December 2010. I WISH some of these rods would find their way under my Christmas tree this year. I guess that might be difficult since I don't have one, but maybe they could go under my large paper lamp then? I dunno. I would accept it just about under anything.

So speaking of trees, I felt like the more horrible wife ever. This is the first year in like 3 that we have been home for the holidays. I was out with Ricky at Target picking up some groceries and seeing what other tempting things Target had to offer when we found ourselves in the Christmas section. Wow, I really miss out on things being home all the time. There were aisles of bows, wrapping paper, chip board gift tags, lights ornaments, just about every lovely Christmas thing you could want. 

I stopped and lovingly fondled a small lime green tinsel tree and mini lights and then placed them back onto the shelf :) I turned the corner to see my husband putting a 6 ft tree into the cart smiling. I looked at him and told him it wasn't really in our budget at the moment. You should have seen his face. I may as well have taken his very heart and soul out of his body stomped on them, peeled them off the floor and eaten them :( It was awful. I hugged him and we wandered out of the Christmas section and made our way to the front of the store with our groceries. Ugh... how crappy :( Since Ricky and I have been together we have never owned a tree. The one I finally got from my mom when she replaced hers was ruined in the flooding of our storage unit back when we were living in an apartment. Like I said usually we are traveling over Christmas so we never got to put up a tree anyways.

Well I suppose I must be off. I have some things to put together and get out in the mail.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season.

Much love,



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