Thursday, August 10, 2017

Auctions Bid Update

Hello beautiful souls,

There are about 13 more hours left in our auctions! Auctions end August 11th  12:30pm CST! You can hop over to our Third Eye Gypsy facebook group to place your bids here.

Here is an update about our active items with bids.

"Eye See Wisdom in the Stars" CURRENT BID $30
"Third Eye Sees with the Heart" CURRENT BID $32

Here are the rest of our gorgeous 4x6 original art pieces that are still available :)

Our shrink plastic necklaces are a "must have" as well. They are so light weight and colorful they are sure to match with just about everything along with being comfortable to wear all day ;)

So many pretty colors and styles. These are truly a conversation starter.

Don't forget to pick up a little something for your person while you are shopping. That way if you get questioned about your purchase they can't get mad at you if you got them a little somethin' somethin' ;)

See you in the group!

Love, light, and creativity,

xoxo Genea


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