Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Glimpse into my Days and the birth of Stache Art!

Hello friends!

I always have so much to tell you. I swear by the time I get here I could have written about 4 blogs to tell you about everything that is going on. So I guess get ready for a long one! 

So I guess I feel the need to tell you a little bit more about my life and how my days tend to go.
I am, yet again in another transitional period in my life. As you may have read I currently live in Olathe, Kansas just 15 minutes over the Missouri and Kansas border on the Kansas side. Ricky and I moved here so that he was closer to his work. Unfortunately that job situation ended up worse and worse until he finally quit. He started up a new job that is just down the street from where we live now so it's nice that he doesn't have a crazy long drive. As soon as our lease is up in April we are looking for a house to rent again! I am over this apartment crap.

 Anyways.. that was the back story. So let's fast forward you to my weeks now... 
My studio is at my mom's house in Kansas City, Missouri. So I spend 2-3 days "up north" creating beads. I do wish I had more days in the studio because when I am not there creating beads that is all I can think about ;) Here is a pic of my humble little "Bead Dorm". I work and stay in my old bedroom.
When you enter the room you will see my sleepy spot to the left. You can see my little work area in that far right corner.

Here is the rest of the room. As you can see my work area is at the far left corner. 

**Just a quick side note** Now, just so we are clear. You don't see a ventilation hood. I have a double fan that goes in the window for exhaust. You may see it in the background of my bead photos. This is NOT proper ventilation, so please don't set up a lampwork studio like mine and say you saw it was ok to do that here. ;) I would never suggest my set up to anyone that wanted to work in glass. This is just how I have to work for now until I can do my entire set up. PLEASE be safe when you set up your studio. For proper ventilation please check out Andrea Guarino-Slemmon's web page here. Sadly, I have this same ventilation set up ,but it's in a box until I am in a more permanent studio :/ Moving on...**End side note**
Here is the view out of my "lampworking" window. This was taken last year, but it is almost looking the same about this time of year :D I love the view! It relaxes me to see trees and a soothing environment outside of my window. I call mom's back yard "The Canopy". It reminds me of a canopy in the rainforest or something. That wonderful feeling of being under lots of trees protected from the world outside. 

On the right you can see my second window and all of my glass in boxes on the floor. Someday I will have a nice sturdy glass shelf with all of my glass in separate cubbies all labeled. *dreamy sigh*
Here is a close-up of that corner. You can see my poor vent fan sticking out of the banana boxes on the right side of the photo. My double burner for pickling is on the floor(no I don't plug it in on the floor to use it :P)
Here is the view outside of the other window. Pretty huh?

Here is my bathroom. This across the hall from my "Bead Dorm". Where I get to hose off my crustiness after a long day of bead making ;P

While I am at the KC studio I only have an ipad and phone for my communications so if I have long messages to write I save those for the home pc since I can hammer out messages and chats so much faster from there on a *real* keyboard. So if you dont' see things I say I will post up right away this is why. If I do forget or if I miss responding to your message, please send me another one! It's totally not intentional. Mobile devices are awesome tools to stay connected, but sometimes I miss things! ;) This is also why there is a 1-2 business day ship on my Etsy items ;) If I am in the studio I am not with my Etsy shop stock ;)

Here is my little work area in Olathe. My bead desk, and all of my shipping stuff. One day it will be more organized when I get more fixtures for sorting, but this works for now.

This is where I am right now typing to you. So when I am online you can imagine me here going *clickity clickity clickity*

So now you can see how I spend my days in and out of the studios. It's hard. I have trouble transitioning. It's like being on vacation and then arriving home. You have to transition to one place and then it takes at least a day or two to transition to the other, then repeat.


Well, geez, I have lots! So I will try to give you the short version(insert laugh here). Well for starters I had the extreme pleasure of my veiled cane glass being featured in GG Glass' ad!!!
How flattering is that?! This is the necklace I was inspired to make since Bead Fest Philly and just got to recently! 

I was inspired to work with some silver glass and I created these new INCREDIBLE focals! They are all SOLD OUT. I hope to get more glass so I can make more soon. Speaking of selling out, that has been happening a lot with my beads(again YAY so flattering!). So if you want to snag some I would suggest watching my Genea Beads facebook page for previews! :D

THIS has been where I have been spending ALL of my creative energy last few days!
 So while I was at Hobby Lobby picking up some supplies these chip board moustaches were "talking" to Ricky. 
He picked up one and then we headed to a thrift store to look for some other supplies. Ricky did collages back in highschool and was inspired to create some with a moustache as a base.

That night while I worked on a crafty gift, Ricky sat at the table and worked on his FIRST art piece! He found an M.C. Escher book at the thrift store and thought it was perfect for his first collage. I am so proud of my little artist :D

He was really excited about his M.C. Escher moustache collage!  He titled it "M.C. Stacher"!
Didn't it turn out amazing?! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE M.C. Escher. I fell in love with his work in high school and have loved him ever since. So after this first piece Ricky was hooked and talked to me about creating an Etsy shop!

So what would any good artistic wife do?? Well create her husband a shop along with all of the necessary pieces!

I got to work on Ricky's shop banner. His favorite color is baby blue so we used that for the base color of the banner. 

Next he needed an avatar so I had him pose for this photo using my palm tree shower curtain as the back drop! I love this photo! It really captures Ricky's personality :D

Every good business needs a logo, right? So I fumbled my way around photoshop and created this logo for Ricky! I LOVE it! 

Of course Ricky also needed a facebook business page too, right? So I hopped on and created Stache Art's facebook page!

You know how much I LOVE packaging, so I HAD to go get Ricky some good moustache packaging supplies!

You need to have "Thank You" cards too so we picked up blank kraft cards! I stamped each one with a moustache stamp on the card and envelope while Ricky worked on his second piece!

This one is called "Stache Dynasty"
It has a wonderful Asian art theme with sumo wrestlers on down to Buddha!

Each of his works have a moustache "signature" embellishment and are signed and dated by the artist!

Here is Ricky's newest piece. He is working on a vintage style mini stache that will get a little hanger on the back so it can be mini wall art! 

So if you have not already stopped by Ricky's fanpage or shop, stop on by and show some love by "liking" the page and sharing with your friends!

Thanks so much for stopping in to see what's been up in my world!

See you soon!

xo Genea


TesoriTrovati said...

So exciting! I love the funky art that he is creating! And of course I love the packaging too! So fun to see where you create such beauty and joy. I am in transitional spaces as well and trying to get myself organized and it makes me feel good that I am not alone in my studio space conundrums! Enjoy the day. Erin

Genea said...

Hey Erin! It is! I am so happy for him for finding a creative outlet to "spend" his energy on instead of playing silly flash games ;) He is really getting satisfaction out of having a finished something for his time spent. He's really awesome at it too! He he, all me there ;) I wanted him to have at least a few personalized packaging items. Are you? Well I am so glad not to be alone either! I dream of the day when I have a nice big studio spot with a cement floor. Now the floor will be cold, but it sure would be nice to not have to worry about dropping hot glass or splattering paint! You do the same! xo Genea

lunedreams said...

Congratulations on your feature, and your sales! I'm not surprised you're selling out, your beads are utterly unique and crazy beautiful. (And I see you are as resourceful and unconventional as I am--ha--with a less-than-ideal workspace--nothing like some good old-fashioned lateral thinking for squeezing the most out of a few small rooms!) I am so IMPRESSED with the 'staches! They are wonderfully artistic and look beautifully made too. I love collage! What a great niche, I bet they will go like hotcakes! Can't wait to see where this takes you both.

Genea said...

Thanks so much Kirsten! Awww thank you so much for your kind words! I am so excited I am to that "point in my career". It's so exciting to have your work so sought after :D I am! Lol, it's nice to know we aren't alone in this huh? I always wonder how "others" perceive my life. Maybe they think it's a lot more glamourous than it really is ;) Me too! Who knew my sweet boy could make art! He creates in the kitchen so he has that sort of artist in him. He is really great with spacial things. I love the movement in his pieces. They are very "clean" where the pieces overlap. The images flow freely. They are very well made! He does a great job of getting his layers stuck down and sealing the pieces. I love his signature with the "stache sayings". It gives the piece a lot of personality. Me too! I did MANY a collage in my high school years as well! I still have ONE lone collage I found deep in my closet at my parents house! It was such a treat to find still in perfect condition even after 18 years! I hope so! I am excited for him to sell his first piece! Me too! Thanks so much for all of your well wishes, thought, and stopping by to share them with me! xoxo Genea

Karen Totten said...

Oh so cool to see all this activity! I LOVE Ricky's new art! They are amazing! So exciting - you guys are a DOUBLE art threat!!!

Genea said...

Me too! I have really enjoyed seeing everything come together :) They are really awesome! We are!! Xo Genea

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