Saturday, June 22, 2013

NEW DESIGNS and a shop update! Introducing "Rainbow Serpent Coins" !

Hello friends!

Well never a dull moment, and with the show RIGHT around the corner things are getting even more intense!  I have been just plugging away making beads in the studio and trying to stay cool in the HOT and HUMID Missouri/Kansas Summer. 

I posted a video from my phone of a storm that rolled into Olathe the other week and was so pleased with the video quality and upload ease I did a few lampwork videos too! I thought heck why not, right?! I will just post the link to my business page since they take awhile to upload on each site and for some reason youtube didn't recognize the video format. 

I am super STOKED about my new Sea Urchin designs. I honestly put one of the stamps aside because I didn't think it would work up into a design. Well luckily this new one worked perfectly! 

Here is the "quick view" of what is new in the shop if you don't want to read past here.

I just love these photo collages. They make everything so pretty and give you that great way to see everything all at once :D

"Painted Desert Pods" pair. I had made these awhile back and just never got back to them until now. Staci created these beautiful earrings below and that kinda lit the fire under my butt to make some more ;)
So pretty! I just love our beads together! 
Rainbow Serpent Stick "Ivory Rainbow". Wow! Just look at all of the amazing colors on this baby with all of that curdled and webbed ivory goodness! 
And if the front wasn't already amazing enough, this is the back side! :D
Rainbow Serpent Stick "Teal Tide". You know how I love my collections of beads to match everything ;) This is no exception. The back side has a pretty stripey rainbow like the other serpent sticks. 

Rainbow Serpent Coins "Ivory".(One) Lots of gorgeous color variation on these! Nice soft pastels on one side and vivid, orangey, golden, pinky, violet on the other side! So pretty on that ivory base.

Rainbow Serpent Coins "Midnight Rainbow".(One) Um holy YUM! Don't you just LOVE that high contrast of vivid color against the black? These even have that lighter side as well, but more minty greens with a splash of pale pink and some yellow. 

Here are some GORGEOUS reversible earrings I created with some other beautiful art components: Black Raven Canoe beads by Starry Road studio, Color drenched hoops by Miss Fickle Media, and Copper bright patinated Urchin Sticks by Kristi Bowman Design.

Thanks for stopping by this weekend!

See you soon!

xo Genea


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