Monday, May 7, 2012

Bead Blast May 2012- Kansas City, Missouri Bead show!

 Hello friends!

Here are some of my photos from this years Bead Blast 2012! 
I just snapped a few quick pics so some of my bead photos aren't fantastic, but you get the idea ;)

It was great to see Sara Sally LaGrand! She makes INCREDIBLE beads! After spying the photos I'm sure you will see why I love them so much! You can buy some of her amazing beads at her site. Pretty Babies

Sara is making these amazing sea broaches! So awesome!
OMG..yeah, is that AMAZING or what?! Apparently I wasn't the only one that thought so since this baby is sitting on top of it's published magazing article! Sara makes these amazing eye pod beads with some incredible wire work!
So do you NEED one of these? Well if you do, you can start shopping here !
and one more detail shot! WOW!!

I absolutely LOVE Glass Garden beads! It was really nice to see Jess and Cathy there with all of their wonderful treasures!
Cathy, the owner of Glass Garden Beads and creator of these beads(Trinket Foundry) makes these amazing Recycled bottle cap lentil beads! Aren't they amazing?! Can you imagine how LONG it took her to make all those??!
Cathy also makes these wonderful cut glass bottle rings and shapes. They are all hand cut and then tumbled for 5-6 days! HOLY CRAP! 
Cathy also makes these as well! These are her "Tart" pendants. Recycled.... wait for it... FILE CABINETS! No joke! She torch cuts the panels, cuts out the shapes and then they are painted! WOW! I just adore these! Did you notice this flower shape is their logo? Clever huh?!
Here are the beads I picked up from Cathy's booth. Just a few little treasures, but believe me I would love to have taken the whole booth! From left to right: Vintage Czech glass beads, recycled glass rounds, brass beads, and Tarts.

A few treasures from Bead Stuff. Some Czech glass stone looking strands and picasso mix seed beads!

I picked up a wonderful sampling of findings and chain from Beads & Crafts Inc.

Some ball head pins from Arkansas Gem & Bead(870) 219-9959.

Now to sort and create!

See you soon!

xo Genea


somethingunique said...

Oh wow...looks like your had fun...I love glass garden..have a nice collection from them...the bottle cap beads are big sellers at the festivals...thanks for sharing...

Genea said...

I did! It's always so nice to visit your favorite people at the shows that come through town :) Me too!

I bet! Ricky and I have a few of them! So fun!

Sure thing!


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