Friday, May 4, 2012

Bailey-Flynn Wedding

Hello friends!

I am finally getting around to posting wedding pictures of our friends wedding. Some of you all had asked me to post some photos, so here they are!
Holly getting her hair done by our friend Virgil. We always tell Virgil he would be KING of the hipsters if he moved to Portland. Lol. His hair is pretty awesome ;) He did an amazing job on Holly's hair! It was SOOO pretty! He works at a swanky salon down town called Blo. So if you are a local I would highly suggest getting your hair needs taken care of there ;)
Here is the posing photo. lol.

The bride getting all gussied up. I will let you know that just before this shot I was given the finger. lol.
The bride arriving in her chariot(my car). 
The wedding party.
The vows.

Ring exchange.
The feast! This was a pot luck style wedding with some fab bbq and amazing German Gf goodies. Brandon(the grooms) German grandmother made their amazing gf cake with nuts, chocolate and a lemon drizzle! She also made some amazing nut cookies with some sort of frosting glaze and cinnamon!
Ricky and me :) I loved my dress, make-up,  jewelry, and hair!  I also went to Blo with Holly and got my hair done by Bi Bi. She did an amazing job! So if you are local and in need of an up do, she is fantastic!
My brother and me. He's looking great! He's lost over 100 lbs! 

Lucas(one of our best friends) and me .

Jd(my brother from another mother) enjoying his tasty beverage.
Lucas' crotch shot photos. Ricky bending over. I dunno... lol
Another Lucas crotch shot photo. Not bad, not bad ;)
The bonfire! This was lit a little before sunset as lightning one at night tends to draw the cops.

My hair at the end of the night. Still looking amazing. Looks like someone got a little roasty toasty in the sun!

See you soon!

xo Genea


Libellula Jewelry said...

The profile shot of the bride seated in your car is very pretty--she resembles America Ferrera!

Looks like everyone had a great time. :)

Genea said...

Thanks so much. I took this photo while sitting in the drivers seat just before she got out of the car when we arrived at the wedding :)

We did have a really wonderful time! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment :)

xo Genea

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