Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bead-inside-a-bead-hollow's in the shop today!

Hello friends!

Well I finally got the BIBH's in the shop! I know I was supposed to get the one like Heather's soup up in the shop the other day, but you know how that goes ;)

So people always ask me how I get the bead inside. I usually reply with "It's like the ship in the bottle." It's not really, but kinda. I then explain how the bead is created. You start by making the center bead first, the create a disc on either side. Wind them all together and you have a bead-inside-a-bead-hollow. No, it's not really THAT easy, but that's how it's done ;)

So first I will show you Heather's soup incase you missed it. 

See the hollow in the background? :)
"Island Punch" Bright and magical. Let the photos do the convincing ;)

"Parrot Fish" A nice soft palette with some glittery lime green :D
"Spring Whisper"- Originally I made this clasp for Heather's soup, but it ended up being more pastel so I thought I would share the love :)

The fish that matches my bead. This is called a "parrot fish". Quite pretty if you ask me :)

"Islander" - These large streaky glittery leaves and winding vines make me think island flowers. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks updates!

Have a fantastic weekend!

xo Genea


somethingunique said...

Wow...Heathere was one lucky girl to get you as a partner...that stash is a girls dream seem to out do yourself with every bead you make...I wish I had endless cash flows...yournshopmwould be you honey..I am so happy for everything going your way...hugs xox

Genea said...

I think I am as equally lucky to have received such an amazing stash of her creations!

You are so sweet! Thank you so very much for all of your kind and encouraging words :)

Love you too!!

Me too! I am a very fortunate girl!

*hugs* xoxoxo

pam ferrari said...

OK..... how do you clean the inside bead???? Better yet how do you clean the bead release from inside a hollow bead?

Genea said...

Hey Pam!

Ha ha ha... well, it's a process. I soak the bead in water to loosen the bead release. I clean the release on the mandrel part outside of the hollow bead(to keep release from that part on the mandrel to getting on the inside part of the hollow). I take the mandrel and ream the bead with the mandrel to loosen up what bead release I can. I fill the hollow with water from the bead bowl and take my dremmel and go through all beads and turn it on. I then let the dirty water out of the beads. I then get water back inside the hollow and run my dremmel through one side of the hollow and through just the center bead and just a little bit of the tip through the last hollow part(if you put the dremmel just through one side of the hollow and the center bead you can rocket the center bead against the hollow and break it). I gently turn the dremmel on and angle it slightly to try to clean the inner bead hole out. Give it a quick buzz and then turn the dremmel off. When I am done with all that I fill the hollow with water again and put my mouth over one of the holes and blow the water out. I then take the bead over to the kitchen sink and use the sprayer to pressure wash the inside. You can use a pipe cleaner to try to get the inside part of the hollow clean after getting the water out, but it can leave fuzzies on the inside. I usually rinse and then let it air dry. Then when it's dryish go back in with the pipe cleaner to get the water spots out of the inside. They are a bitch to clean ;)

pam ferrari said...

Thanks Genea, I think I will leave bead inside a bead to the experts. Just making a hollow sometimes can put me in a tissy.

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