Saturday, March 13, 2010

NEW "Flower Lantern" earrings

Hello friends!

As you may have noticed I am DAYS behind on my blog about my most recent Etsy listings. I figured you all would rather have a shop update than a blog update. I figure if you are sneaky you generally have an idea of when I list and have most likely seen the new goodies :D

I only had a few goodies to list this time because it took until YESTERDAY to get my bells! Did I mention that they were a PITA to find? No one locally had them. I am excited that my bead alma mater did indeed still carry them after 13 YEARS! Go Tropic Jewel! Here is their wholesale website if you want to check them out. They don't have the 3mm bells on the site, but you can ask Shelby for them and she will get you hooked up! They also have bells in other sizes, so if you want more sizes ASK :)

So as I was falling asleep this NEW design came to me. It is pretty similar to my "Tendril" earring design, but is extra FLOWERY :D It has a little more "fluff" and texture so naturally if you LOVED the "Tendril" earrings like me, then you are going to LOVE, LOVE the "Flower Lanterns".Here are the Groovy Hippy Tentril earrings for a comparison. I just LOVE this color combo. Mmmmm.


Flower Lanterns- "Peach Passion"- A dreamy combination of peach, pink, coral, cranberry and sparkly tangerine with bunches of flowers and leaves.
I have now included a picture of the earrings in my ears as a demonstration of length and how they will look when worn. Flower Lantern- "Violaceous"- You can thank the glass makers at Bullseye for this GORGEOUS combination of odd lot and stock glass in hues of: bubble gum pink, vibrant fuchsia, and deep streaky lavender.

Flower Lantern- "Inferno"- This color combination was inspired by the AMAZING variegated leaf colors. These leaves just glow! The flower bouquet that sits under the lampwork bead also inspired the use of Messy Bordello. So let's take a closer look at these beads and glass. No, come closer. Is your nose about to touch the screen? Ok, then you are close enough. Just LOOK at the RED in the lampwork bead! Wow, huh? It is such a deep rich red. Now look at the Czech glass flower bouquet just under the lampwork bead. WOW, huh?! It is so RED. Now that is definitely a red I could get to know better. Now lets move on down to the leaves. Pretty huh?!
This pair is called Flower Lantern- "Aqua Topiary". This was the very first pair. This pair is SOLD, but I thought you might like to see it as well. Now you know this was my FAVORITE pair because of my love for lime green and aqua. This pair was made in the amazing Bullseye glass as well. There is even some aventurine sparkle in the center of the poked-eyes. YUMMY!
OMG, can you believe this *was* my desk?! UGH... So why was it left like this? Well these designs were in progress, but were stopped by the need of my 3mm bells. I just HAD to do something about this rats nest. I got everything tidyied up and now the designs are still out, but not to messy. You know I felt a bagillion times better as soon as I got the desk cleaned up. I really think seeing messes clutters up my thoughts!

So what was I making?Here is a late set of lentil beads I made for St. Patty's day. They are called "Irish Gold". They are already SOLD, but they were really pretty so I thought I would show them. You may not be able to tell by the picture, but they are layers of greens with ivory stringers. They really glow :)
Next I made this little gift for someone who I think is AMAZING. Hopefully this doesn't ruin her surprise ;)I made some more "Heart Puffs" for Kathy. I thought they were so pretty hanging up so I thought I would share. Having one of these amazing hearts hanging from your door knob really does cheer me up. Maybe I will offer some in the shop? Maybe not. I dunno. lol

Well I guess that about sums up my update. I hope you enjoyed my better-late-than-never post lol.

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!

Much love,



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