Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Vortex Flowers!

Hello friends!

Wow are you BRIGHT! I got to borrow a flat panel monitor from my friend Mike. I can't believe how much these things GLOW! I do hope that the colors of my photos still represent my work as I see it with my eyes. I did my best to match everything up.

I only have 3 items for my shop to list today. Why only 3? Well I have been making more jewelry, and doing some other side projects instead of making tons of beads, which I need to do. You all have been buying me out as soon as I list something, which is amazing! :D

I have also FINALLY gotten to work on my gallery piece necklace that I had been dreaming up. It's coming along nicely. It has been one of the projects I have dreaded the most as I came up with the beads before really having a vision for the necklace. Usually this is the opposite. I had to work as I went with trying to figure out how to connect everything to the necklace for it to hang appropriately. I am just about half way through. I have taken a few pictures of the necklace construction just for fun so I can celebrate the process of it's creation. It's always very satisfying to see the pieces all come together :D

MORE VORTEX FLOWER NECKLACES!! You all bought me out so fast that I had to make more! I have some wonderful color combinations that are sure to please!
Vortex Flower "Peach Passion"- Can you believe that peachy pink on the flower's edge?! The glass just harmoniously mixed that one up! You can also enjoy some cranberry pink, glittery tangerine orange, swirly pink, and coral cane and some yummy pinky orange coral! Pendant comes with matching silk for a necklace!Want to be the envy of all of your friends?! My Flower Lantern "Peach Passion" earrings are the perfect compliment!

Vortex Flower "Jungle Twilight" Swampy blues, and greens with amazing streakiness and glitter! Bright yellow green, olive, turquoise and aqua are also in the mix. A darker delight for all of your intensely dark color palette lovers! Comes with matching silk cord!
Want a crazy contrast pair of earrings to make that yellow green band pop? Grab this pair of "Sour Fizz" Tendril earrings and make a statement!
Maybe pastel is your passion? Do you LOVE pink and purple? Vortex Flower "Lilac Embrace" has swirling layers of streaky cranberry, lavender with blushes of pink, fuchsia, lilac and soft petal pink! Comes with matching silk cord.
How about that matching pair of earrings to go with?! Flower Lantern"Violaceous" is at your service! Dreamy pink, circles of fuchsia and lovely lavender deliver!

Just dreaming up new designs. I have a few ideas I need to translate into glass! See you next week!

Much love,



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