Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wakarusa Music Festival and 20% Off Wanderlust Sale News!

Hello friends!

Do you ever get an amazing opportunity to travel and not only travel, but to hear some mind blowing music? My darling scheming husband talked to his parent's and they got together to get me a ticket to Wakarusa Music Festival in beautiful Ozark, Arkansas!

I have to say I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I am NOT a camper. I like to sleep in the dark with it quiet, and I er.. um... am a little skeptical about port-o-potties. I will be going on this expedition solo(without Ricky), but will be traveling with some new and amazing people(You know who you are! Love you guys!). This is a really big thing for me guys... I am stepping WAY out of my comfort zone for this one. I expect to return home with my life changed forever in so many positive ways. I know this experience will make me grow with so much love and gratitude.

The festival is set in Mulberry Mountain.  It is a 4 day camping and music festival in nature. Here is a photo from the event last year :)

Look at how beautiful the venue is and did you see they have a FERRIS WHEEL?! *Wakarusa photo by Phil Clarkin.

Here is another photo of one of the stages.Wow, does this look incredible or what?! *photo by electronic midwest.

So not only will this event have music, camping, a FERRIS WHEEL, but it will also have art installations, live painters and performers, a poster design contest, and so many more exciting things I could go on for days.

These types of events are life changing. You go with friends, drop your drama at the door and get yourself immersed in: nature, music, hooping, and all of the amazing people that have traveled from all over to come together in one magical place to celebrate life. Doesn't that sound like something you would want to do? Just thinking about it makes me pretty emotional(shhh don't tell anyone. I have a reputation to uphold ;) 

Now, as you know, all great traveling experiences do take lots of: planning, camping supplies, food, gas, and any extra fun you plan on having at the event(purchases of artwork, clothing, jewelry, and other creative works). 

So I will be offering a 20% OFF SALE to help raise funds for my trip. Use coupon code "WAKA2015" at checkout to receive your discount.  Sale will begin  THIS weekend (May 22-May 24th) at Midnight on those dates. Our newsletter folks will get "first dibs" and early shopping Wednesday(May 20th)! If you are not already a subscriber, you can join our mailing list here.
You can receive our discount in our Bead Shop and Jewelry Shop!

To make things even MORE exciting I will be doing a GIVEAWAY  as well! For each item purchased you will get an entry into the drawing to win a stash of some very special art beads (from myself and other artists) along with some stringing materials!

Have you ever wanted to travel? Have you ever wanted to really get yourself immersed in culture, but were a little timid about the whole experience yourself? Help support my journey through this sale and travel safely with me through my experiences, and photos on this life changing expedition :)

Thanks so much for stopping by. See you at the sale!

xoxo Genea


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