Tuesday, February 3, 2015

NEW "Key to my Heart" Series, "Moon Drop Silver Stardust," " Silver Storm," and "Galaxy" Beads!

Hello friends! 

I hope you have some time to read a long one ;) I have so much to tell you. If you have not gotten a chance to keep up with my Etsy shop, I have been working on LOTS of new things including HEARTS! 
Here is a photo of some of the newer hearts. Some of them are already sold, but there are still some GORGEOUS ones in the shop. 

I dusted off some of my silver glass I had in my stash. I was asked a short while back to do a tutorial for my findings on Kalypso by Double Helix. I declined since I felt like I had already covered everything in my blog and I only had ONE lone rod left. I am still not really set up to somehow have photographs taken while I work. So anyways that latest inquiry made me want to pick up what little glass I did have left and see if I could still work my magic ;)

Here you can see of of the LUSCIOUS silver glass in action. It's the firey pink iridescent. I added some dichroic glass and goldstone to these new style beads I called my "Silver Storm" hearts and "Galaxy" lentils. They are all so magical! There is something gorgeous on every angle of the bead. I could seriously take like 20 pictures of every bead and still not capture all of the details. You may notice you didn't see them in my shop. They sold out before they even landed there ;) 
This gorgeous lentil ended up with a few cracks inside the layers. Most likely the bead will still stay in one piece, but I would never sell it that way. Instead I made it into a necklace for my mom. She collects all of my little mishaps ;)

 I was really excited to come up with a NEW wooly wire bail design. I created the "skeleton" for the base and used wooly wire on top. This new design makes the bail just about indestructible! It was such an awesome discovery. I think I will be doing a tutorial on this style necklace and submitting it to one of the bead magazines, so I will keep you all posted on that. 

I also did some more stone textured rustic hearts with the awesome stripey serpent cane and re-visited some gorgeous etched clear glass styles I made in the past. I called this new series "Moon Drop Silver Stardust". The clear glass just GLOWS and the silvered ivory and fine silver dots really add those magical "star dust". Those also sold out quickly(except for the hearts), but not to fear! I have more in my kiln as we speak and will add those to my shop tomorrow ;)

Key to my Heart Series

So you remember these cheesy old skool necklaces from when we were kids, right? I wanted to take this same idea, but upgrade it into some more artistic pieces with my lampwork.

I ordered some of these gorgeous vintage steel skeleton keys from Smalls4u2 on Etsy. Wendy is the shop owner and she was very nice. She shipped them quickly and I will be back for more of her keys soon ;)

Here was one of my quick sketches for a key bead idea I had for to match one of my tribal hearts. 
Here is the finished winged bead for the guys necklace. OMG, didn't it turn out AMAZING?! I am SO excited at how gorgeous this bead came out on the key. The bead freely slides up and down the length of the key :)

Here is the woman's heart necklace with the guys key. I will be doing a simple waxed cotton cord for the guys necklace. OMG I can't wait to finish the rest of the sets in this series! I have 2 more key beads, and hearts in the kiln! I will be working those pieces into jewelry tomorrow and hope to have them listed ASAP to make it before Valentine's day!

It was my friend Kirsten's birthday yesterday. A birthday is always a perfect time to create an awesome jewelry gift. I spied on Kirsten's favorites to see which of my beads she liked and created this necklace for her with my new style bail, "Desert Serpent Jewel" Lentil focal, recycled sari silk, and wooly wire. OMG it turned out SO gorgeous!! I just LOVE this design! I dropped it off over at her house at 10pm last night :D I was couldn't wait to give her gift. She, of course, loved it :D

Well I think that catches you all up for now. 

See ya soon! Thanks for stopping by!

xo Genea


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