Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bead Fest Philly August 2013- Continuing Show Prep

Hello friends!

Wow is it getting INTENSE! Bead Fest Philly August 2013 is RIGHT around the corner! I have been busily working behind the scenes getting ready. You can see my first post about show prep at the Love My Art Jewelry blog here. So much has come together since that post. I have been steadily receiving orders for displays, Staci and my collab magazine in Belle Armoire arrived, my banner, and business cards arrived, and I have a small box of glass on the way! 

So before I spiral off on a tangent here is a coupon for $5 entry to Bead Fest! Just print this off and bring it to the show to receive your discount! Please feel free to share with friends! 

I started this little Pinterest board to show some Sneak Peeks of some beads some of my friends and I will be bringing to Bead Fest. Some are beads that have not been sold before and will debut at the show!  I need to add some more things to the board, but you can be sure to see a wonderful selection of my body of work from the last year as well!

So now is the fun part where you get to see what I have been up to in photos and who doesn't like photos?! :D

What is making beads without some burns?! Ouch! 

I caught the glass in between my fingers before dropping it on the floor! 

Bright Earth "Weeny Dings"! 

Some "Ocean Urchin Serpent Eggs" and "Ocean Serpent Eggs"! Aren't they AMAZING XL size?!

At first I wasn't sure about these black necks. I had originally wanted to do all Linen cause I wanted to have that "recycled" look to them, but the black necks really make the beads *POP*.

My little earring hangers. Ricky helped me order. We thought we were only getting 5 and they came two in a bag! Awesome cause I LOVE to make earrings! He he.

After looking over my table of beads I thought, "OMG I need to make more of THOSE!" So here they are!

I was bummed to not find kraft paper bags, so I had to settle for the white bags. They are kinda crappy quality, but they work. I thought maybe I could get away with just stamping them in a solid color, but they are way more dynamic multi-colored. *sigh* 
I loaded up my counter top with them. In this photo there are 56 bags strewn across the counter! I must have stamped almost 250 bags!
Each bag was then loaded with my new simpler style business card. Sorry for the dark cell photos. 

Here is a look at my table display. It was more laid out to see how things looked on the different color tray backings and to see what beads I needed to make versus actually doing the display. I still need to make my wooden boxes for height.

Who knew?! The black looks AMAZING on the linen. I also put the store textured beads on the linen as well. I really want you to be able to see the texture well.

The bright beads looked good on the light bamboo mat. I also made a little sign. I heard awhile back that having eyes watching you made you less likely to steal. How about the "Wisdom Eyes of Buddha" watching you with  a friendly little reminder?! :P

The ivory urchins look really amazing on the black!

Doesn't this "Ocean Serpent Egg" look awesome on the chocolate brown bamboo mat?! Oh and I was trying out the idea of doing smaller GB tags in the future. I sure can't go back now and re-tag everything... or well... NO, NO.. they will have to be just fine. Lol.

Oh and you know I had to make some smaller "Seahorse Hearts" and a HUGE "Seahorse Lentil"! So amazing! 

Did you see my BANNER?! YAY!!! I am so happy with it! Looks like I got the 6ft one instead! Lol. 

Well that about does the post for today! I am so looking forward to seeing and meeting you all at Bead Fest!
xo Genea


Copper Diem said...

Can't wait to meet you!

Genea said...

Can't wait to meet you as well!! See you soon! xo Genea

Ann Schroeder said...

Wish I could be at Bead Fest, but I'll just have to read your posts about it! Your beads and displays - everything - looks wonderful!! Have a great time.

Genea said...

Awww I'm sad you won't be there Ann, but I will take lots of pictures so you can feel like you were there with us:) thanks so much! We will!! Xo Genea

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