Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycled... BEADS & Headpins!

Hello friends!

Yes, I am still alive. I bet you may have noticed the dust around here ;P Well it's been hectic to say the least. So I guess before I go into my topic of today, I will fill you in on what you've missed in my personal life(I won't be offended if you skip this part to get to the beads) ;P

Ok so it's been hard to leave everyone in the dark about what's been going on. So in short here is what you have missed. Remember me coming home for a "family thing"? Well that family thing was mom having some surgery. She went through her surgery and is recovering well *whew*. Then dad ended up having a visit in the ER. He is doing fine as well. *double whew*. So through that all I have been super busy caring for them and doing the normal house duties for their house and on our basement floor along with caring for our dogs and theirs. I am POOPED to say the least. I didn't get much work time in, but am slowly getting time to create and blog.

Ok other big news, so with me coming back "home" to care for mom after her surgery, we decided to move back to Kansas City, Missouri. Yep, you heard it. We loved the PNW and Portland, OR for sure and miss it, but we really did miss family and friends as well as feeling like I should be home with mom for her surgery. So Ricky transferred his job to the 24 hour fitness in Shawnee Mission, KS(about 30 mins from us). He also got a teaching job at the school in which he graduated(Pinnacle Career Institute, North Campus)! So we are really excited about that! 

You know moving back to the midwest we don't have transit like the Northwest, which is a total, 
bummer, BUT.... we got his amazing little 2011 Kia Rio! 
It's actually a compact car, but in this shot it looks kinda big. It gets 36 highway and 27 city. We are pretty stoked since Ricky's trip to work for training is 50 miles! Yikes! 

Ok so about those recycled beads...
I took these...

and did this...

and this...

and this(yeah takes longer to melt the glass down than make the beads ;P)
and made THESE!

Here's what I have to offer YOU...

Now how about some inspiration? Remember this bracelet Staci Smith created for herself with my beads? I absolutely LOVE it!
Are you drooling over her jewelry? You can collect some here :D

Want to see my latest treasures from Staci? They just arrived in the mail the other day!It was such a nice surprise to have these gorgeous beads in my mail box!

Don't worry, we are also working on our collab beads while we are away from our blogs. Staci even took some amazing pics of our beadies happily hanging out together. You can read about it here on her blog !

Have an amazing day! See you soon!

xoxo Genea


Libby Leuchtman said...

YEAH you are closer to ME! Now you can come take a class or just visit.

Genea said...

Yay! Yep for sure! I have a car now too so I don't have to walk to get there! LOL:D

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